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NATCA members and guests at CFS 2018 gathered bright and early on Monday morning to gain a founda on of informa on about NATCA and learn how to become more involved with the organiza on that is working on their behalf every day. Having a basic understanding of your Union, and then building on it with personal involvement, are the first steps toward a stronger local, a more powerful na onal Union, and a be er future for your family. TUESDAY CFS Watching the live stream? Join in the discussion! Ask ques ons via using event code #NATCACFS. A en on coffee lovers at CFS: Don't head to Starbucks for your morning fix without first buying your NATCA Charitable special edi on coffee mug. Use the mug at Starbucks here at Bally's in the Grand Bazaar Shops in front of the hotel for 35 percent discount off your en re order. Sea ng at the Archie League Medal of Safety Awards Banquet is first come first serve. Get a fast pass to pick your seats first by giving to NCF! The first 200 a endees to establish a $10 or greater dona on per pay period, OR increase exis ng automa c deduc on dona on by at least $5 per pay period get the GOLDEN TICKET to enter the banquet first. Visit the NCF booth to give now! OCTOBER 23, 2018 (Above) On Monday, NATCA President Paul Rinaldi delivered the first keynote address of NATCA's CFS 2018. (Below) NATCA's Na onal Safety Commi ee Chair Steve Hansen welcomed a endees to NATCA's CFS 2018.

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