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Dan Elwell, the Ac ng Administrator of the FAA, opened the second day of CFS 2018. "We fought long and hard to become the world's gold standard and that's not something we are going to step back on. With NATCA by our side, I know we will reach new heights with safety and innova on." NATCA Na onal Safety Commi ee Chair Steve Hansen and MITRE Director of Safety and New Entrants Integra on Hassan Shahidi led panelists at CFS 2018 in a discussion of challenges to opera ng the Na onal Airspace System with a focus on implemen ng emerging technologies. Panelists: • NATCA Execu ve Vice President Trish Gilbert • Boeing Horizon X Business Development Execu ve Paul McDuffee • Aireon Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Engineering Vincent Capezzuto • FAA Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transporta on Kelvin Coleman • Commercial Spaceflight Federa on President Eric Stallmer • ALPA General Manager Lori Garver KEYNOTE: ACTING FAA ADMINISTRATOR ELWELL WEDNESDAY CFS Don't forget to stop by the benefits booth in the exhibit hall for details on great benefits available to NATCA members, and for your stamp card to get you one step closer to $50,000 or a new Ford vehicle! A en on coffee lovers at CFS: Don't head to Starbucks for your morning fix without first buying your NATCA Charitable special edi on coffee mug. Use the mug at Starbucks here at Bally's in the Grand Bazaar Shops in front of the hotel for 35 percent discount off your en re order. Sea ng at the Archie League Medal of Safety Awards Banquet is first come first serve. Get a fast pass to pick your seats first by giving to NCF! The first 200 a endees to establish a $10 or greater dona on per pay period, OR increase exis ng automa c deduc on dona on by at least $5 per pay period get the GOLDEN TICKET to enter the banquet first. Visit the NCF booth to give now! OCTOBER 24, 2018

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