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Page 11 of 11 Around the globe NAVCANatm air trafc management (ATM) solutions are being used at more than 100 sites and on 1,500 active workstations to manage some of the world's busiest airspace. Our exible, enterprise wide ATM system – NAVCANsuite – features controller working positions with ight, surveillance, weather and airport data applications on a single integrated platform. Optimized for your unique operations, it leverages an open architecture easily congurable to meet your operational requirements. Experience improved safety and efciency with a system that Air Navigation Service Providers trust. INNOVATION DRIVEN BY OPERATIONAL EXPERIENCE CFS-Ad-8.5X5.375_NAVCANatm.pdf 1 2018-09-28 3:53:12 PM © SAIC. All rights reserved. 19- 0422 | S AIC COMMUNIC ATIONS I N G E N U I T Y H E L P S F A A K E E P S K I E S S A F E. Visit Booth #105 to learn about our innovative training techniques. See all the ways we are Redefining Ingenuity ® at

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