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with Steve Hansen NATCA National Safety Committee Chairman continued on page 4 September 17, 2019 NATCA President Paul Rinaldi delivered a keynote address to CFS attendees on the first day of CFS 2019. "Every Day is a Training Day is a challenge to all of you. We are not trained just to get it right—we are trained to never get it wrong," Rinaldi said. NATCA Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert delivered a keynote address to CFS 2019 attendees on Monday. "We, as NATCA brothers and sisters, must band together and remind everyone that we are here for them. We can break through the stigma of being too afraid to discuss the issues of mental health and suicide. We can lead by example. All of us, working together, can make things better for each other." What was the inspiration for starting this new initiative? The inspiration comes from the years of negative perceptions surrounding training and NATCA's desire to change that perception within our membership. Training is the lifeblood of the air traffic control profession and it is our belief that we need to take a leadership role in changing how we think about training and the importance of it. How can our members change the perception of training? It is really about our membership leading this effort in their facilities. Ensuring that we meet our facility level goals for the national training initiative and also understanding the importance of, and actively participating in our continued education opportunities like recurrent training and monthly SAFE Discussions. It isn't enough to say it, we have to actively engage and promote ongoing training throughout our careers. It takes all of us, not just the FacRep.

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