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At CFS 2019, the NextUp NATCAvist Reception welcomed up-and-coming Union leaders, with a focus on women in our Union. The NextUp attendees include members who want to take the next step to be leaders within the Union. The afternoon's activities included a leadership course developed specifically for this group to help them determine they want the future to take them with regard to leadership and equip them with skills and techniques to achieve their goals. NATCA's Director of Safety & Technology Jim Ullmann spoke to kick off this morning's Tech Talks. New to CFS, the tech talks are a chance for CFS attendees to hear detailed Safety & Technology updates from the NATCA and FAA reps closest to these lines of business. Perry Casselle and Matt Gammon, management and NATCA co-leads for the national Time Based Flow Management (TBFM) operations team, respectively, opened Tech Talks with updates on TBFM's success in enhancing efficiency and optimizing demand and capacity. NATCA Commercial Space Rep Paul Behan spoke to Tech Talk attendees this morning about how NATCA, the FAA, and industry work together to use technology and strategic planning to enable advancements in commercial space while minimizing affected aircraft and routes in the NAS. Visit the Commercial Space booth in the CFS exhibit hall (booth C9) for more information and to meet with Behan and other experts. At the Tech Talk on Remote Towers this morning, NATCA NextGen Rep Adam Rhodes (above) and Leesburg Executive Airport (JYO) Remote Tower Program Manager Matt Richardson discussed remote air traffic services. The talk focused on addressing the challenges and making the best use of the opportunities availed by this cutting-edge technology. NATCA National Data Comm Rep Ray Berndt spoke to Tech Talk attendees this morning with updates on the digital link Data Comm creates between ground automation and flight deck avionics. NextUp Leadership Training TECH TALKS COMMUNICATING FOR SAFETY Tuesday, Sept. 17 3

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