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National Office Update: Nov. 1, 2020

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NATCA NATIONAL OFFICE DEPARTMENTAL UPDATE September 30-October 27, 2019 LABOR RELATIONS DEPARTMENT ACCEPTABLE LEVEL OF RISK (ALR) FOR COMMERCIAL LAUNCHES AND RE- ENTRIES BRIEFING On Sept. 27, FAA briefed NATCA on the changes related to Safety Risk Management (SRM) panel decisions regarding Acceptable Level of Risk (ALR) for Commercial Space Launches and Re-entries. The changes were initially issued by Notices, effective Oct. 15, related to FAA Orders 7110.65 and 7210.3. The Notices will be cancelled on Jan. 30, 2020, upon publication of the Orders. Notable changes include: • Separation minima during Commercial Space Launch and Re-entry Operations; • Restricted operations for IFR aircraft in Transitional Hazard Area (THA); • ATC services at airports within THAs; • DCPs Pilot-Controller Glossary (PCG) Aircraft Hazard Area (AHA) Transitional Hazard Area (THA); • Refined Hazard Area (RHA) and Contingency Hazard Area (CHA); • List of PCGs; • Also noteworthy is the publication of CHA definition, but the FAA has yet to develop procedures to implement CHA. Controllers will be trained on the changes through eLMS. NATCA has collaborated closely with the FAA on the training, as well as the program. The joint ALR Implementation Team Workgroup will continue to meet to address the evolving issues related to the Commercial Space Launches and Reentries program, which will include establishing procedures for CHA. POCs: En Route Technology Coordinator Mark Prestrude, Commercial Space Representative Paul Behan, and Labor Relations Staff Representative Melinda Kim. AJV REALIGNMENT On Sept. 24, the Agency briefed NATCA regarding its intent to realign/reorganize the Mission Support Services Unit (AJV) within the Air Traffic Organization (ATO). The Agency stated that this realignment is intended to clarify roles and responsibilities, eliminate duplication of effort, reduce overhead, and enhance efficiency and effectiveness. The realignment consolidates three Directorates into two new Directorates, consolidates groups under the Aeronautical Information Services Directorate, and consolidates groups in the Service Centers. During the briefing, the Agency confirmed that the realignment will not result in any change to position titles, series, salaries, pay bands, duty locations, telework arrangements, or scheduled leave for NATCA bargaining unit employees (BUEs). However, some BUEs will report to new supervisors who will assign their work, approve leave requests, and conduct performance appraisals. The number of team managers

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