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National Office Update: Nov. 1, 2020

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Tech Refresh 2 continues to rollout in the three keysite facilities (ZMP, ZOB, and ZFW). All three sites have the new 43" monitors installed in the TTL. ZFW was the first facility to install them to the operational floor on Oct. 17 in an overflow capacity, followed by additional scopes in every Operational Area the week after. Familiarization training continues at all facilities anticipating the rollout. All additional Centers have been scheduled to receive the TR2 upgrade following a successful deployment at the keysite. This will be accomplished in three phases. TBFM keysite selections have been made to include ZSE and ZBW testing and implementing Track Based Display Mode by the end of the calendar year. The National User Team continues to work on numerous enhancement requests and implementations in all aspects affecting the NAS including but not limited to: • ALT/FIX/ALT • SE2 • Path Stretch • CPDLC including Full Services • Conflict Probe Enhancement • TBFM Visual Ques • ABRR/PDRR INTEGRATED DISPLAY SYSTEM REPLACEMENT (IDS-R) Richie Smith (N90) leads NATCA's efforts on the IDS-R project as the Article 114 Rep. His report is below: Everything has been quiet on the IDS-R front. The newest software build has been distributed and installed on all 41 NIDS networks. Compiling and building of the next build are underway and steps are being taken to move towards a Linux-based operating system. The next facilities focused on are PDX and CLT in October and December respectively. Now is a good time for any facility that wants enhancements or revisions to the database changes to ask, before the Atlantic City labs gear up for additional software testing. The security issue that was uncovered throughout the NIDS networks has been identified. It is "non malicious" code associated with power surge protection hardware and discussions are underway as to what actions need to be taken in this regard. NAS VOICE SWITCH (NVS) Jon Shedden (ZFW) is the Article 114 Rep to the NVS project. His report is below: The National Airspace System (NAS) Voice over IP Communication Enterprise (VoICE) program will encompass what was the NVS program. This will include acquisitions to replace our aging voice switches, as well as Radio Control Equipment (RCE). I was in

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