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National Office Update: Nov. 1, 2020

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Washington for VoICE meetings the first three weeks in October. I was also in Washington Oct. 23-24 for the PMO PMR. Work continues on the Air-to-Ground Media Gateway (AGMG). The AGMG, being developed as a part of the Future Flight Service Program (FFSP; for flight service in the contiguous U.S.), will allow modern Internet Protocol (IP) voice switches to communicate with legacy radios. These will be deployed to several Centers to aid the transition of flight service radios to VoIP. Alaska Flight Service was scheduled to have their aging voice switch replaced with NVS. Now that the NVS contract has ended, work has begun to find a suitable replacement. Work continues on a shortfall analysis as well as requirements review. Next Generation Air-Ground Communication (NEXCOM) continues deployment of new CM300/350 V2 radios to terminal facilities across the country. The NEXCOM Program Office has kicked off the Emergency Transceiver Replacement. This program is looking to replace aging tunable transceivers at DEN, HNL, PCT, PHX, SCT, and SLC. They are also looking to replace approximately 2,000 of the grab-and-go style emergency transceivers (e.g. PET-2000). The replacement for the PET-2000 is currently in source selection. NAS Voice Recorder Program (NVRP) is the replacement for existing NAS voice recorders (DALR, DALR2, DVRS, DVR2). NICE Ltd. was officially awarded the NVR contract to replace the legacy voice recorders. Keysite is estimated for the summer of 2020 in Seattle. Headset testing as a part of the Tone Mitigation National Workgroup continues. Discussions with future sites are ongoing. The FAA is in the process of purchasing approximately 1,000 headset splitters for use in terminal facilities with only 2-jack positions. This is related to CAR-2012-001 and will allow controllers to perform position relief briefings during OJT. Work continues on updating the deployment spreadsheet to capture 804 facilities as well as facilities that were expected to get NVS. SURVEILLANCE BROADCAST SERVICES (SBS) OFFICE Dan Hamilton (SFO) is the Article 114 Rep to the SBS Office. His report is below: The NATCA Surveillance and Broadcast Services (SBS) team includes National SBS Article 114 Rep Dan Hamilton (SFO), Surface surveillance Article 114 Rep Craig Bielek (A90), Andrew Stachowiak (I90), Terminal SME and National Interval Management Rep Tom Zarick (ZDV), and Terminal SME and National Terminal Interval Management Rep Chris Aymond (MSY). ADS-B - As of Sept. 1, 2019, the number of Rule Compliant ADS-B Out aircraft in the US reached 90,157. This includes 75,889 general aviation (GA) aircraft, 5,717 air

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