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Welcome to Minneapolis! SHULER TO DISCUSS YOUNG WORKERS, IMPORTANCE OF ORGANIZING Thank you for joining us for Convention 2014 and welcome to Minneapolis, Labor's North Star! Over 950 people representing facilities across the country are gathered here to do the work of this great Union. We especially want to welcome delegates, participants, and family members who are joining us for the first time. Our biennial convention gives members the power to shape our constitution and plot NATCA's course. We have also planned some exciting social events to help you get to know your NATCA brothers and sisters better, including several events that will benefit the NATCA Charitable Foundation. This phenomenal charity celebrates its 20th anniversary this year! This convention is about ensuring a strong future for our workforce by engaging in some important conversations. Conversations about the power of labor in America. Conversations about the critical need for organizing and activism. Conversations about NATCA's fiscal health and the future of our workforce and professions. We are glad you have joined us here, in this great union city, to lend your voice. You will notice that there are a few enhancements to this year's program. We are proud to offer several workshops and seminars this week, led by top NATCA leaders, covering several topics relevant to our Union. A full listing can be found on the NATCA app and in each issue of this publication. We hope you will take advantage of our leaders' expertise and attend a session or two. We've also organized three panel discussions that will explore workforce issues. Today a panel will explore NATCA's fiscal position and the upcoming vote on the proposed resolution R14-02 regarding a dues adjustment. Tomorrow you'll hear from our controller representatives from the UK, Australia, Germany, and Canada, and learn about day-to-day working conditions in various airspace structures around the globe. On Friday we will present a panel on NATCA's past successes and future challenges. We hope you will find these learning opportunities enriching. Your engagement is pivotal. Thank you again for taking the time to join us in representing your facility this week. The work you do here will have a long-lasting influence on NATCA and the National Airspace System. We hope you enjoy all that Convention and Minneapolis have to offer! > DIGITAL RESOURCES: CONVENTION E-BOOK & APP Access the NATCA Constitution, Robert's Rules of Order, and Proposed Amendments and Resolutions via the NATCA Convention e-Book. These documents can be viewed on a smar tphone, tablet, or computer. Users will be able to search, record notes, or jump to specific pages. To download the document, scan the QR code at le. Download information for the Convention app can be found on page 12. > UNTIMELY AMENDMENTS/RESOLUTIONS: GUIDELINES For inclusion in the aernoon's business, resolutions and untimely amendments must be submitted, in writing, by 11:30 a.m. of the day on which they can be heard. Submissions can be made via e-form on the NATCA Convention website, emailed to (must contain name, facility, region, email, cell phone, text of resolution, date, & time), or in writing to the EVP using the printed submission form. Electronic submissions preferred; scan QR code at le to submit via email. Today we are excited to welcome AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth "Liz" Shuler as a special guest speaker. Shuler will join us this morning for a brief address before lunch. Shuler grew up in a union household, and has been fighting on the side of labor ever since. Under Shuler, the AFL-CIO has instituted a groundbreaking Young Workers Initiative, aimed at engaging the next generation of workers and changing the public image of unions. NATCA Reloaded shares many of the same goals as Shuler's Young Workers Initiative, and we hope to learn and grow our programs through continued collaboration and work with the AFL-CIO. Shuler also has extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to organizing and engaging members. The NATCA Organizing Committee has worked incredibly hard and done an amazing job this year with The NATCA Difference. This campaign laid the groundwork for engaging a new generation of controllers, and we are excited to learn from Shuler's work how we can continue to improve our efforts in the future. We are honored that she took the time to join us, and appreciate all of the hard work the AFL-CIO does to strengthen NATCA and the labor movement as a whole. The Delegate Paul Rinaldi President Executive Vice President Great Lakes RVP Trish Gilbert Bryan Zilonis Liz Shuler Secretary-Treasurer, AFL-CIO P U B L I S H E D DA I LY FO R N ATC A' S 1 5 t h B I E N N I A L CO N V E N T I O N W E D N E S DAY • O CTO B E R 1 , 2 0 1 4

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