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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23, 2016 Professional Risk Manager Gordon Graham wowed the Communicating for Safety audience for the third straight year, this time with his "Five Concurrent Themes for Success" presentation. He explored how the discipline of risk management, coupled with an understanding of systems and complemented with customer service, accountability, and integrity, can all work together to assure that things get done right. Enjoy some words of wisdom from the distinguished speaker, who kept the entire room riveted for two full hours: "Everything we do involves a level of risk." "Remember the importance of vigilance and random irregularity." "Whatever you're doing, in whatever your job is, you must ask, 'What's the risk involved in what I'm doing and how can I best manage that risk?'" "Arrogance: rules don't apply to me; ignorance: I had no idea we have a rule on that; and complacency: we've always done it this way and we haven't had a problem yet. In the high-risk world you live in, if you have arrogance, ignorance, and complacency in the workplace around you, you have a huge problem." "The spawn of idiots are idiots and we don't need more idiots." "When all of the holes in the Swiss cheese line up there and you've got a Bud, you've got a big problem. We've got to address the Buds. Buds are a problem lying in wait." "You've got to know who your customers are and make sure you're giving them good customer service." "Private sectors figured it out. You piss off enough people and you're out of business. Government has no clue on customer service and worse than that, we think we do." "Service. Service. Service. Service. Service. Service. Service." "When I take over as Attorney General, my first investigation is going to be on the scam that is Starbucks." Too many people think customer service means I'm technically competent. Yeah, you're technically competent, but don't forget the dignity and respect component. Too many people forget the basic rules of dignity and respect. Rule 1: You treat people the way you'd like to be treated. Rule 2: Smile a little bit. Be happy. I am so fed up with stupid people going through life with this perpetual frown on their face." "If you're not happy with your job I've got four words for you. Get Out. There's a 'T' 'F' in the middle that I can't say." "You're air traffic controllers. Every day you work you get the opportunity to make a difference in someone's life. If all you do in your entire career is avoid that one midair collision that's great!" "If B is caused by A, let's fix A." "Every day we've got the opportunity to really make a difference in peoples lives and you do it every day. 70,000 flights in this country every day and you're doing it right. You're technically competent and you're making it happen. Whenever you can, try to add a little value to it, and make some 'wow.' Be technically competent, treat people right, and always look for the next best way." 7:30 am BREAKFAST 8:30 am WELCOME Steve Hansen, NATCA Safety Committee Chair 8:40 am KEYNOTE ADDRESS Michael Whitaker, FAA Deputy Administrator 9:30 am PANEL Improving Safety Through Collaboration 11:00 am BREAK 11:45 am PANEL International Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) Fireside Chat 12:45 pm LUNCH Capt. Al Haynes 2:45 pm WORKSHOPS 3:45 pm BREAK 4:15 pm WORKSHOPS For full agenda, see page 16 Gordon Graham Wows CFS Crowd RECAP: WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23 continued on page 9

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