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National Office Week in Review: April 5, 2017

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The Small UAS Rule also lets drone operators apply for a waiver to conduct certain types of drone operations not generally permitted, such as during nighttime, over people, or beyond the pilot's visual line of sight, and other types. To date we have processed 87 waivers. And in the meantime we're continuing to develop the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability, or LAANC, which will provide an automated and immediate way for UAS operators to receive approval for their operatio ns in controlled airspace. By replacing the current manual approach for authorizations, LAANC will provide a more efficient and streamlined capability. The LAANC is just the first step toward a more robust concept called UAS Traffic Management (UTM), a N ASA research effort that the FAA is partnering on. UTM research will inform us about airspace operational requirements to enable large - scale visual and beyond visual line of sight operations in low altitude airspace. We're also learning from research being conducted at UAS test sites and through Assure, the FAA's UAS Center of Excellence. And we're continuing to work on the UAS Detection Initiative, an effort to test technologies that would detect unauthorized drone operations near airports, other critical infrastructure , and in unauthorized airspace. All of these efforts will help us to safely integrate UAS into the airspace system, while ensuring that we meet the needs o f existing aircraft operators. Thanks everyone! Teri L. Bristol ATO Chief Opera ting Officer

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