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National Office Week in Review: April 5, 2017

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LABOR RELATIONS DEPARTMENT HRPM WLB 12.1 CHILD CARE SUBSIDY PROGRAM On March 29, 2017, the Agency briefed NATCA regarding proposed changes to HRPM WLB 12 .1 Child Care Subsidy Program. The Agency intends to implement the changes in the fourth quarter of 2017. NATCA has requested additional information from the Agency so it can evaluate fully the proposed changes and determine whether to submit proposals on this issue. POCs: Director of Labor Relations Rya n Smith, Labor Relations Attorney Grant Mulkey, and Phil Barbarello . ORDER 7610.4T SPECIAL OPERATIONS On March 30, 2017, the Agency briefed NATCA regarding changes to FAA Order 7610.4T, Special Operations, which wil l be effective April 27, 2017. Order 761 0.4T, along with its companion Order 7110.67 , serves as a security manual. Both Orders contain sensiti ve security information (SSI). The Agency intends to revise them so that Order 7110.67 contains all of the SSI, and Order 7610.4T has none. The current c hanges to Order 7610.4T adopt the ICAO definition of Air Traf fic Management (ATM) security. They are also intended to clarify various issues covered by the Order, including (1) the delegation of TRACON/Approach control authority to a military ATC facility; (2) FAA evaluations of military ATC facilities; (3) procedures for handling suspicious flight situations, hijacked aircraft, and bomb threats; (4) Air Traffic Security Coordinator (ATSC) duties and assignments; and (5) ATC facility involvement in the Dome stic Events Network (DEN). The DEN is an Agency - sponsored 24/7 interagency telephonic conference dedicated to real - time coordination of ATM security incidents in the NAS. POCs: Director of Labor Relations Ryan Smith, Labor Relations Attorney Grant Mulkey, and Phil Barbarello . Business Continuity Plan (BCP) On Feb . 21, 2017, NATCA requested a briefing on the Business Continuity Plan (BCP). Prior to this briefing, NATCA had received no official information about BCP, which is an ATO - wide effort that could af fect all FAA facilities. It runs parallel with other contingency projects such as ATOC and the Resiliency Plan, and NATCA wanted to know more about how these programs interact. The briefing took place on March 31, 2017. During the briefing, the Agency expl ained that the BCP was instituted after 9/11 to prepare a backup facility for long - term operations that can mimic any of the 20 nation - wide ARTCCs. The BCP is hosted at the William Hughes Technical Center (Tech Center), where the Agency is installing new support equipment and communications capabilities, and testing and certifying the equipment and services using air traffic procedures. BCP is the same as it was under the HOST system, and the Agency is now updating it for use under ERAM. In FY2017, the Age ncy will conduct demonstrations, and perform a Table Top exercise. The goal is to have an activation date in the second quarter of 2018. POCs: Director of Safety and Technology Jim Ullmann, NATCA ATO Operational Contingency (ATOC) Group National Representa tive Jason Grider, and Labor Relations Attorney Suzanne DeFelice . BRIEFING REQUESTS

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