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National Office Week in Review: April 5, 2017

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the service from an Air Traffic perspective could occur as early as July, and operational use by August 2017. Las Vegas (L30) has indicated they will transition to Fusion on April 25 provided a stable feed from the Nellis Radar is available. NATCA SBS has been working closely with NATCA L30 to answer any questions or concerns. SAAT has agreed to begin analyzing Potomac (PCT) Fusion issues for potential solution s. The facility has been struggling with a number of issues related to problem rad ar sites or a lack of coverage. The first meeting with the facility took place on 2/28/17, and discussions of potential solutions will be ongoing. A long awaited estimate for adding identified radars to C LE has finally been delivered. SBS Article 114 work group to discuss at the next opportunity. Vehicle ADS - B: The agency is attempting to restructure this program. Currently, all contractor support will terminate on April 1. The focus of vehicles will be structured toward ASSC sites if there is interest. There will be little effort made to equip ASDE - X sites. Additional info is still emerging and will be di sseminated in the next update.

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