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National Office Week in Review: May 10, 2017

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NATCA NATIONAL OFFICE DEPARTMENTAL WEEK IN REVIEW April 29 - May 5 , 2017 LABOR RELATIONS DEPARTMENT COMP - 2.10C IN - POSITION INCREASES IN THE CORE COMPENSATION PLAN On May 2, 2017, the Agency briefed NATCA regarding revisions to HRPM COMP - 2.10C In – Position Increases in the Core Compensation Plan. The revised policy: (1) adds managers and supervisors (MSS - 2/3/4) to the pool of employees eligible for in - position increases; (2) changes the number of employees who may receive in - position increases in a fiscal y ear fro m 2 percent of FAA - wide employees to 5 percent of eligible e mployees; (3) maintains the 1 – 7 percent range for in - position increases, but removes language stating that in - positi on increases should average 4 – 5 percent for the organization as a whole; and (4) removes as an eligibility factor for an in - position increase that "an employee's performance substantially exceeds the expectations of his or her current position." During the briefing, NATCA expressed its concern that adding managers and supervis ors to the pool of employees eligible for in - position increases will diminish the likelihood that BUEs will receive increases since the number of eligible employees who can receive an in - posi tion increase is capped at 5 percent. The Agency admitted that it is possible for all in - position increases to go to managers and supervisors, a nd none of them to go to BUEs. NATCA also asked wh y the language specifying a 4 – 5 percent average for in - position increases was removed from the policy. The Agency could not pr ovide an answer. NATCA intends to submit proposals on this issue. POCs: Eastern RVP Dean Iacopelli, Special Counsel to the President Eugene Freedman, Director of Labor Relations Ryan Smith, Labor Relations Attorney Grant Mulkey, and Phil Barbarello . FAA BRIEFING ON ALASKA FIREARMS ORDER On March 30, 2017, the Agency sent notice to NATCA Representatives James Gentry (Engineers and Architects) and Larry Trottini (Flight Services) that the Agency intends to adopt the Alaska Order on Firearms. The briefi ng o ccurred on April 21, 2017. Firearms and other weapons have been informally permitted in Alaska for many years, and this Order is intended to formalize the process for appl ying for and storing firearms. The Order would allow authorized bargaining unit empl oyees (BUEs) working in remote areas in Alaska to possess and store firearms in FAA permanent housing, transient quarters, and on the job. Each employee seeking permission would need to complete an approved certification course that is valid for five years , and receive permission to bring the firearm to a remote area. Firearms in transient housing would need to be stored in personal rooms, not in common space. Employees from outside Alaska who are assigned to work in remote areas are also eligible to app ly for a firearm authorization. NATCA proposed changes to the Order, including a provision for BUEs who do not wish

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