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NATCA NATIONAL OFFICE DEPARTMENTAL UPDATE March 17 - 30 , 2018 NATIONAL ELECTION COMMITTEE UPDATE 2018 NATCA NATIONAL ELECTION NOMINATIONS Please click here . The nomination period closed at 5 p.m. ED T on March 30, 2018. N ominations at the members website link above are listed in the or der in which they were received . Nominees will be officially notified of their nomination. Nominees may only accept nomination for one office. Nomination a cceptances are d ue by 5 p.m. EDT on April 30, 2018. LABOR RELATIONS DEPARTMENT NATCA SIGNS MOU REGARDING LAANC ROLL OUT On March 20, 2018, NATCA and the FAA signed an MO U regarding the nationwide roll out of the small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) Low Altitude Author ization and No tification Capability (LAANC). LAANC is a software tool that facilities wi ll use to track sUAS activity. The FAA and NATCA have been working collaboratively to develop the roll out plan. Roll out will be done in six waves, primarily by split ting the Service Areas in half, following ARTCC boundaries. There will be at least one designated LAANC POC at each facility, and LAANC POCs are required to complete collaborative ly - developed webinar training. All FacReps will also have the opportunity t o take the colla boratively - developed training. BUEs who have not completed the collaboratively - developed webinar training will not be required to utilize LAANC. All designated BUEs will have access to the LAANC AT Training URL, which will be regularly upda ted with training data. If more than forty - five (45) days elapse between the time a designated BUE completes the collaboratively - developed LAANC training and deployment of LAANC at his or her facility, the training will be offered again prior to the BUE be ing assigned duties that require kno wledge of or training on LAANC. Prior to the deployment of LAANC at each facility, the Agency will provide a verbal briefing on the facility transition plan and activities to designated BUEs. POCs: Eastern Regional Vice President Dean Iacopelli, NATCA UAS Workgroup Representative Jeff Richards, NATCA UAS Workgroup Representative Steve Weidner, Director of Labor Relations Ryan Smith, and Assistant Director of Labor Relations Nicole Vitale . CYBE RARK EPM REPLACEMENT OF VIEWFINITY On March 23, 2018, the Agency briefed NATCA regarding its intent to replace Viewfinity with CyberArk EPM. Viewfinity is a software program that provides elevated privileges for users to access various needed computer appl ications. Viewfinity is at the end of its life and is no longer supported, so the Agency will replace it with CyberArk EPM. CyberArk EPM is essentially the same software as Viewfinity, with some enhancements.

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