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NATCA NATIONAL OFFICE DEPARTMENTAL UPDATE April 14 - 28 , 2018 NATIONAL ELECTION COMMITTEE 2018 NATCA National Election Update April 30, 2018 The nomination acceptance period in the 2018 NATCA National Election closed at 5 p . m . EDT on Monday, April 30. The NATCA National Election Committee determined that all nominees who accepted were eligible for candidacy. There will be a national contest for NATCA President and Executive Vice President. There will also be a contest in three of the 10 NATCA Regions. The candidates are listed below, as well as the seven individuals who have been declared the winner by acclamation. 2018 NATCA National Election Candidates President: Paul Rinaldi Bryan Zilonis Executive Vice President: Trish Gilbert Dave Riley RVP, New England Region: Mick Devine Mike "Robey" Robicheau RVP, Western Pacific Region: Scott Conde Joel Ortiz RVP, Region X: Curt Howe Patrick Massie Winners by Acclamation (term to commence Sept . 1, 2018) RVP, Alaskan Region: Clint Lancaster RVP, Central Region: Aaron Merrick RVP, Eastern Region: Rich Santa RVP, Great Lakes Region: Drew MacQueen RVP, Northwest Mountain Region: Eddie DeLisle RVP, Southern Region: Jim Marinitti RVP, Southwest Re gion: Andrew LeBovidge The site to pre - register for electronic voting, , opened on May 1, 2018. If you pre - register to vote electronically prior to June 25, 2018, you will not receive a mail

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