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National Office Update: Sept. 29, 2019

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• ORD is being conducted in three phases - o Phase 1, Runway 10L/28R, was turned online April 27, 2016. o Phase 2 10C Enhancement, IOC (Initial Operating Capability) was completed on May 3, 2018. A pre-JAI meeting was held the week of June 11, 2018. JAI was achieved July 13, 2018. o Phase 3 9R Enhancement, CDA Construction began March 19, 2019, and was completed on June 18, 2019. Shelter was delivered on March 1, 2019. RWSL checkout/SAT/IOC was targeted for Aug. 19, 2019. JAI Rwy 9R was scheduled for Sept. 19, 2019. • BOS - o Phase 2 - Lighting computer replaced. JAI was scheduled for August 2018, and ORD for September 2019. o Phase 4 - Planned IOC date was June 2019. All testing checked out well, however there was still more construction work being completed on the airfield. The system is online, but the additional arrays were not available until June. • DFW - The West Side of the field still needs additional work prior to Joint Acceptance Inspection (JAI). • CLT - Currently, we are working in the RWSL PMO with Air Traffic and CLT Airport on a preliminary plan for RWSL lighting on 18L. Runway Safety - In 2017, the FAA developed an ASDE-X enhancement that alerts when an aircraft is aligned with a taxiway. There is a national workgroup working on getting the ASDE-X Taxiway Arrival Prediction (ATAP) to all viable ASDE-X sites. ATAP is a technology aid for controllers to assist in mitigating events in which an aircraft lines up with a taxiway on arrival. The following locations currently have ATAP running: SEA, ATL, BDL, PHL, CLT, DFW, STL, MCO, IAH, and DTW. LAX and ORD's ATAP alerts were perceived to be turned on by the end of August. Surface Safety Group (SSG) - The SSG met the week of July 29. At this meeting, we received updates from the three subgroups: Data Analysis Team, SSIT, and Outreach/Education. These subgroups meet regularly in order to discuss each action item and updates on the work being conducted. I am very proud of the work collaboratively being conducted by industry and the Agency during these meetings. Wrong Surface Special Focus - The Runway Safety Group picked nine airports across the NAS that would benefit from a specific wrong surface Runway Safety Action Team (RSAT) discussion. I am presenting at the Special Focus RSAT meeting discussing ATAP and contributing factors to wrong surface events. The nine airports are PHL, BNA, SAT, AFW/FTW, CNO, STS, BOI, LNK, and ATL. Currently, there are seven locations (PHL, BNA, CNO, LNK, STS, BOI, SAT) which have completed their Special Focus RSAT. FCM and BED were scheduled for the week of Sept. 23. NBAA Wrong Surface Podcast - I, in conjunction with my counterpart, participated in a Wrong Surface Podcast for the NBAA. The podcast and additional Wrong Surface Handouts that NATCA has produced are now posted publicly.

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