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SAFETY AND TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT August 19-25, 2019 Update ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES & OCEANIC PROCEDURES (ATOP) John Lenhart (ZOA) is the Article 114 Rep for Advanced Technologies & Oceanic Procedures (ATOP). His report is below: SBA in ATOP - The SBA Program is making progress utilizing SBA surveillance at ZMA for the operation in the Caribbean to Puerto Rico. When the Grand Turks radar is down, ZMA resorts to domestic non-radar operations. If successful, ZMA will be able to use SBA surveillance data to continue a tactical operation. In this area, there is VHF voice coverage. There has been a push to investigate uses for SBA in the procedural Oceanic environment. The SBA and ATOP programs met on Aug. 13 in Washington to discuss the best approach to investigate the possible usage of the technology. Below is the proposed action: Initiate a Concept Working Group, including all of the appropriate stakeholders. For NATCA, we are including Dan Hamilton and Tom Zarick from the SBA program, JT Lenhart, and three site SMEs will participate for ATOP. The group will be charged with developing current and future state applications, and a concept of operations for utilizing SBA technologies in the oceanic environment. The workgroups intent is to develop the above for inclusion in a whitepaper briefing to senior management and leadership. ZAN Offshore Meeting - The week of Aug. 19, the ATOP Program Manager and myself participated in the ZAN off-shore meeting along with Mark Crabtree (ZAN ATOP Lead). ZAN received a full brief on the resurrection of the offshore work and concerns that impact not only the ZAN operation, but HCF, Guam, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. The possible options will run through a decision-making process that will include all stakeholders, focusing on operational dynamics and needs. Current ATOP Items - • 50891: Entering PIREPS in ATOP. • 56196: Enhanced Trial Probe for Out of Conformance Position Reports. • 46198: Invalid Characters in the Reported Altitude Field for ADS-C Aircraft. • 56903: Increase Active Flight Design Limit to an 800 Flight Capability. RUNWAY SAFETY Bridget Singratanakul (Gee) (DFW) is NATCA's Runway Safety Action Team (RSAT) Rep. She also serves as the Article 114 Rep to the Runway Status Lights (RWSL) Program. Her report is below: Runway Status Lights (RWSL) -

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