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National Office Update: Nov. 1, 2020

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a contract scheduled to be awarded in 2020. Final Investment Decision (FID) is expected late spring/early summer 2020. Three phases of implementation are planned, beginning in 2023 and ending in 2030. The former Human Factors (HF) and Integrated Test Team (ITT) workgroup meetings with our NATCA SME team have evolved. We are now meeting for a full day every two weeks. The agendas will still include HF and ITT topics as appropriate, but now include Use Cases, internal NATCA discussions, and any other identified needs. Additional work incorporating Traffic Management and Data Administration is still planned for late 2019 into 2020. In conjunction with the Implementation team, I am working with AJT on the Phase 2 site list and waterfall schedule. E-IDS team members at HQ are currently working through the acquisitions process to determine which vendor is awarded the E-IDS contract. The contract award is expected in mid-2020. Upcoming activities: • E-IDS SRM Panel Nov. 5-7, Washington. • Weekly/bi-weekly Program Status and Systems Engineering telcons (ongoing). • E-IDS Working Group meetings (ongoing- formerly HF, ITT sessions). • Bi-weekly Risk Board telcons (ongoing). • Weekly check-in with Program Manager (ongoing). • E-IDS Weather Working Group telcons (ongoing). • Meetings with other programs to discuss potential overlaps and impacts are occurring as needed. ENROUTE AUTOMATION WORKGROUP (ERAW) Rex Jackson (ZDC) leads the ERAW efforts for NATCA. Rob Friedel NATCA ERAM Tech Rep (ZLC) provides report below: Facility Tech Reps participated in EAE300 and EAE310 Ops Eval testing at the WJHTC at the end of September and the beginning of October. The EAE300 release passed the test process and has been released to the four keysites: ZMA, ZTL, ZID, and ZKC. The FTRs continue to participate in task team meetings, SRMPs, demonstrations, and acting as SMEs in numerous forms. They continue to have a large role supporting DataComm keysites DFV testing. PDRR and ABRR are now available again to Centers that are on software releases of EAE210G or greater. It has been reinstalled at numerous facilities, with all others scheduled for the future.

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