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National Office Week in Review: Sept. 30, 2015

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CDM Data Comm ERAM IDS - R NVS PMO Remote Towers PBN SBS TOCO TAMR TFDM TBFM UAS Weather LABOR RELATIONS DEPARTMENT NATCA ATTENDS BALLOT COUNT IN AFN ELECTION On Thursday, September 24, 2015, the FLRA co unted the ballots in the election to determine what union will represent the approximately 1 , 300 employees in the FAA ' s Of fice of Finance and Management. The count involved two groups of employees: those designed by the FLRA as professionals and those desi gnated by the FLRA as nonprofessionals. A union needed 50 percent plus 1 of a ll ballots to win the election. The professional employees cast 37 total votes. NATCA received 26 votes, AFSCME received 10 votes, and 1 employee voted for " no union. " The profess ional employees also voted to be combined with the nonprofessional unit. NATCA will r epresent the professional unit. The nonprofessional employees cast 661 total votes. NATCA received 295 votes, AFSCME received 161 votes, PASS received 124 votes, and 41 em ployees voted for " no union. " Forty additional ballots were cast by employees whose eligibility to vote is currently disputed. Those 40 ballots may determine the outcome of the election, so unless the parties can mutually resolve the eligibility disputes, the parties will procee d to a hearing on those issues. After that hearing, if there is not a winner by a simple majority, the top two unions will proceed to a run - off election. NATCA POCs: Region X RVP Mike MacDonald, NOC Chairman John Bratcher, Special Co unsel to the President Eugene Freedman, and LR Attorney Nicole Vitale NATCA ATTENDS PMO ALL - HANDS MEETING On Tuesday, September 17, 2015, NATCA attended (via teleconference) the PMO All - Hands meeting on Workforce Development. The meeting included comments from Jim Eck, Teri Br istol, and new VP Kris Burnham. Among other things, Jim Eck spoke about the new PMO professional development initiative in which employees will be asked by managers questions such as: "Where do you see yourself in five years?" and "Wh at kind of training do you w ant/need in the coming years?" Mr. Eck also discussed ensuring that the PMO's policies and practices regarding promotions are consistently applied across the organization. NATCA's POC's are currently analyzing whether any furthe r action or clarification is needed on any of the PMO All - Hands agenda items.

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