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National Office Week in Review: Sept. 30, 2015

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SAFETY AND TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT ADMINISTRATIVE SOFTWARE: Rich Santa (ZDC) represents NATCA in accordance with Article 48 on Admin istrative Software initiatives. Mr. Santa's report for this week is below. · A - SISO o The team is in ZM E for an install this week. o Participated in numerous telcons for various facility installs. · ATOMS o Attended a m eeting this week with NATCA SME s to help work on segments of the program. · CEDAR o No new news on CEDAR or FALCON last week. · WMT o We had some more testing sessions for compatibility and enhancement requests. AIR TRAFFIC REQUIREMENTS (AJV - 7): James Keith (D10) serves the membership as the Article 48 Repr esentative to the AJV - 7 Office. Mr. Keith's update for this week is below. · Jeff Woods (PMO Rep) and Mr. Keith had a coordination meeting with AJV - 7, PMO, and Next Gen. Mel Davis (NextGen) was unable to attend due to a higher priority meeting with P aul Rinaldi and General Bolton. o The meeting consisted of Rob Hu nt of AJV - 7 briefing the timeline for path stretch. He said they are in the process of updating the requirements, preparing benefits projections, doing a tech analysis, and getting cost estimate. MITRE report is due end of September. o The ConUse u s update d. Also discussed Commercial Space and AJV - 7 role to that office. AJV - 7 is assisting in build shortfall anal ysis and concept of operations. The lead at AJV - 7 on this project is Ron Snyder. o Other topics of discussion: § Strategic Flow Management SFMA HITL 's in October § Advanced methods site visits FY16 § AIM sig3 continued work. · Attended a meeting with Eric Labardini (SBS Rep), Tom Zarick (IM Rep), Jeff Woods (PMO Rep), Scott Cond e (ZOA), and Dale Wright (S&T). The group discussed IM and Path Stre tch. · Participated in the weekly meeting with Jeff Woods, Mel Davis, Andy Marosvari and Jim Davis to discuss common projects. · Attended IM roundtable meeting. In attendance: PMO, ADS - B surface office, Eric Labardini, Jeff Woo ds, Mel Davis, an d Scott Conde. Broad dis cussion on IM and path stretch. · Talked to Scott Montroy , D10 Fac Rep , referenc ing the Voice Switch issues at D10. Mr. Montroy prepared a summary of voice switch issues at D10. The copy of that summary was sent out to Jeff Woo ds, Dale Wright and Mel Davis. NATCA is working with AJT to get this issue addressed.

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