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National Office Week in Review: Sept. 30, 2015

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· The first v irtual session for TRA CON Evolution was held on 9/23. NATCA had 10 SME s from all leve ls of facility and experience. The NATCA SME s did an outstanding j ob of providing great feedback. There are five more sessions and once the sessions are done AJV - 7 in coordination with NATCA will build Terminal Work Package 1. Again, Mr. Keith can't express how great it was to have 10 experienced controllers giving the a gency what they need to build the TRACON of the future. · Meet with Trish Horan of AJV - 7 to discuss an ERAM i ssue on duplicate flight plans. Mr. Keith has a meeting with Julio next week to discuss NATCA position on this subject. · Meet briefly with Greg Burke, AJV - 7 Director to discuss the Terminal CHI team. Mr. Burke will get back to Mr. Keith by the end of next week. AIR TRAFFIC PROCEDURES (AJV - 8): Andy Marosvari (BOI) is NATCA's Article 48 Representative to t he AJV - 8 Office. Mr. Marosvari's report to the membership is below. · Attended weekly project review meeting with Dale Wright (S&T), Jeff Woods (PMO), Robert Utley (S&T), Mel Davis (NextGen) and James Keith (AJV - 7). · Discussed DCP for Descend Via and Climb Via procedures w ith Andrew Duda in AJV - 8 at FAA headquarters. · Met with Dwight Kuzanek from AJV - 8 to discuss Approach Hold procedural issues. Guidance in the AIM, 7210.3 and 7110.65 are not in alignment. · Met with Chuck Chamberlain from AJV - 8 to answer conce rns from Flight Standards regarding new Passing and Diverging rules for en route facilities. · Worked at finalizing NATCA issues for FY 16 ATC Handbook Revision work. AIRSPACE: Jim Davis (PCT) is the NATCA National Airspace Lead. This week's report from the team was sent in by Ed Hulsey, NATCA National OAPM Study Team Lead. · Metroplex Study Team Rep o Met with the core team members and SMEs on the Las Vegas Metroplex Study Team on Monday, September 21 at the one of the Clark County Aviation administration buildings to prepare for the upcoming facility and industry outreach meetings on the following days . o Held facility and industry outreach meetings for the Las Vegas Metroplex Study Team in Las Vegas on September 22 - 24, 2015 at the Clark Co unty Aviation administration buildings and at the Commissioner's Conference room in Terminal 1 of McCarran Airport (LAS). Attendees included participants from ZLA, L30, LAS Tower, Nellis, WSA, NBAA, and Southwest Airlines . o Participated in weekly Metrople x Staff telcon o Participated in weekly OSG telcon o Participated in weekly Metroplex Leads telcon o Upcoming Activities: § Las Vegas Study Team Analysis – September 29 - October 23, 2015 § Las Vegas Study Team Final Facility Outreach Meeting – October 29, 2 015 § Las Vegas Study Team Final Industry Outreach Meeting – Nov 5, 2015

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