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National Office Week in Review: Sept. 30, 2015

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updates, Oct 15 th chart date support, assess potential impacts to Oct 15 th chart date in the event of a government shutdown (if any), status of design packages, and review latest ATSAP data. · Communicated status change of KATFH and CNDEL SIDs to Flight Plan Filer's distribution group. · Outstanding: SoCal and NorCal Metroplex Teams still need to meet and discuss necessary changes t o entry and exit fixes. Initial informational PowerPoint received from ZLA; ZLA and ZOA to work out agenda, necessary SMEs, availab ility of each team and location/ type of meeting. · Upcoming: Travel - none currently scheduled; TBD: Metroplex Summit (D C); Oct 15 and Dec 10 Chart Amendments; TBD: Meeting with SoCal Metroplex Team; TBD: NorCal closeout meeting(s) · Worked multiple o perational shifts for currency and staffing. · Submitted by Amanda Hodge Article 48 Rep, NorCal Metroplex COLLA BORATIVE DECISION MAKING (CDM): Ron Foley (ZOB) is the Article 48 Representative for the CDM initiative. · Surface CDM (S - CDM): Kyle Andrews (ORD) is th e NATCA SME on the S - CDM group. Mr. Andrews provided the report below for his activities during the past month. o The usual SCDM Workgroup meeting in Washington , D . C . was cance l led, and instead the workgroup met for a one - day telcon. Representatives from AAL, FEDEX, UPS, SWA, NBAA, FAA, A4A and NATCA attended. o Discussion centered on where the SCDM workgroup is at the moment and where the group is going. There is little guidance as to how the group is getting its direction. The workgroup is going to try to formalize its mission and clarify how its work will fit with the current ATD - 2 initiative in Ch arlotte and with ongoing NextGen initiatives. o Surface Metering now seems as though it is being approached along two lines - NASA is starting to look at the technical needs for the research to go forward according to the 2017 timetable. The SCDM Stakehold ers group is continuing to look at the user impact and interaction to help create a product that implements well. o According to the information presented, Surface Metering is one small part of the ATD - 2 concept. However, Surface Metering has always been i dentified as a part that can produce benefits in the near term without a costly outlay in resources. A question for NASA will be how will they produce the Surface Metering without the other pieces of the ATD - 2 being put in place at the same time. DATACOMM: Chad Geyer (ZLA) is the Article 48 Representative to DataComm. Mr. Geyer's update for this week follows. · This week DataComm SME s were at the Tech Center to brief the local 48 teams of the waterfall sites.

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