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National Office Week in Review: Sept. 30, 2015

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o All sites that will be receiving the C PDLC service receive a "120" day briefing. The briefing is used to teach the teams as much information as possible on how the system will work and also the technical details behind the system. o This will provide local SME's an understanding of what will b e expected of them over the next several months and what they will be doing during implementation. · The briefing includes how TDLS currently works, what the new changes are, how CPDLC will affect them, and what they should think about when developin g procedures. o The group is also supplied briefing materials that they can take back to their facilities to assist them in creating their procedures. · Local SME s will continue to stay involved via monthly telecoms, TAS training and then weekly tele co n s with all sites. o Teleco n s are being used to help answer any questions that may arise while teams are developing procedures and planning travel. o This will also keep them involved prior to implementation and visits from national SME s. · The gro ups included Ed Raum (TEB), Conan Lane (IND), Brian Lapidus (JFK), Adam Riegel (SAT), Chris Perks (PHL), Lars Olander (LGA), Pat Gallagher (ZNY TMU) , and their m anagement counterparts. ENROUTE AUTOMATION MODERNIZATION (ERAM): Julio Henriques (ZNY) has pr ovided the leadership necessary to successfully deploy ERAM in all EnRoute facilities. Despite what some people believe, ERAM works is not over and Mr. Henriques continues to lead NATCA's Team on ERAM. Mr. Henriques' update for this week is below. · The current release EAD30201 (field fix to EAD30100) was delivered to the field and sites began stepping up to this version. After stepping up to this release, ZOA reported invalid time amendments being received from ZSE for multiple flights. The trigger was identified as the receipt of ICAO Departure message (DEP) where ERAM incorrectly processes the DEP messages as a coordination time amendment for an active flight; the software is not checking that the flight plan is proposed before updating coordinati on time from a DEP message. This error can result in incorrect time estimates and possibly premature flight plan coordination or auto - deletion. This can occur for ERAM departures as well as international inboun ds for which we receive a DEP. This issue was introduced in EAD300 via E67729. Until resolution, sites must manually confirm time at fix for ERAM/ATOP transactions. PR 71805 has been opened to resolve this issue but analysis is still ongoing. The next scheduled software build EAD400 is on track for mi d - November, and ZDC and ZJX will be field - testing this release next week month. · A National User Team (NUT) meeting was held September 15 - 17, 2015. o The Facility Technology Reps (FTRs) and Management Tech Reps (MTR's) from the En Route facilities, FAA Second Level support from the FAA Technical Center, members of the POM group, and NATCA National Representatives were in attendance. o Additional Lockheed Martin support and Second Level Engineering from the Tech Center participated via telcon at vario us points throughout the meeting. The following provides a synopsis of the meeting:

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