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National Office Week in Review: Sept. 30, 2015

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additi onal impacts on the Wake Turbulence issue. § ER Issues: · The team discussed and prioritized ERs for NPT, the facility Top 5 ER list and those issues that are currently at packaging. The team also formed task teams for all remai ning issues prioritized as 1A. o Team communication methods: § Se veral items involving user team communication were discussed; they included a review of process for working issues, telcons and webinars, document sharing, test release and testing process, Dropbox site and the new team roster. o SIG 1631 CAATS Flight Plan Processing: § FAA SLE discussed an engi neering question with the team. One of the concepts of the SIG is to preserve the FDB of a flight if there is one displayed. To accomplish this, a pseudo point out will be created and will show an "R" in the C1 field on the third line of the data block. Additionally the flight data entry on the EDST will code as stale, blue shading behind the Flight ID. The team is in agreement with both engineering concepts. o ER 125972 Surrender Control: § SLE is working on the engineering for t his issue. One of the desired behaviors was the capability to maintain tracking through a code change. § The team discussed this behavior and decided that it was not needed and should be removed from the use case. The change will be made via a discrepancy in the use case. INTEGRATED DISPLAY SYSTEM REPLACEMENT (IDS - R): Richie Smith (I90) leads NATCA's team working the IDS - R project. Mr. Smith's report for this week is below. · ER 4 was released last week on the 23rd after passing key site tests at MLI, DAB, PHL and PVD. The National Operating System Upgrade is scheduled for October 30th. o Why a release is scheduled for a Friday is a mystery , but at least they have a plan. · The program office met their goal of 12 IOCs during FY15 and one more facility is on the edge of going IOC - JAX. o This may help the program when they make their presentation for funding in FY16. By the time you read this, the meeting will have happened and a funding decision will have been made. o Next week ' s update will h opefully have information assuming that the Program Office shares or even is given information in a timely manner. · This past week article 48 representative Mr. Smith sat in on meetings between the PO and the vendor (AWI) reviewing testing procedure s at both AWI ' s facilities and the Technical Center. Many sidebar conversations arose leading to a very educational experience. · Hopefully a working waterfall schedule will be released after the FY16 budget

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