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National Office Week in Review: Sept. 30, 2015

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is announced. NAS VOICE SYSTEM (NVS ): Jo n Shedden (ZFW) provides representation on the NVS as the Article 48 Representative. Mr. Shedden's report for the week is below. · Most of the NVS Program was in Melbourne, FL for the Integrated Baseline Review (IBR). The purpose of the IBR is to v erify the total program schedule, resource, and cost baselines are achievable and risks have acceptable risk handling plans. · Other issues worked: o Coordination with the NVS Air Traffic User Team regarding releases for the upcoming Air Traffic Earl y User Involvement Event o NVS Training Mode - Scenario review and legacy trunk operation o NVS Multi Site Group and Diversity Algorithm review PROJECT MANAGEMENT OFFICE (PMO): Jeff Woods (I90) is the NATCA Article 48 Representative to the PMO. Mr. Woods ' update to the membership is below. · Attended last part of AJV 7's meeting about Path Stretch · Attended an Internal NATCA meeting about IM and path stretch (Eric Labardini (SBS), Scott Co nde (ZOA), Dale Wright (S&T) , Mel Davis (NextGen), T om Zarick (IM), James Keith (AJV - 7), and Mr. Woods). o Just level setting · Attended weekly NATCA status meeting · Attended monthly AJT meeting with Mr. Wright and members from AJT · Attended IM and Path Stretch meeting with the FAA · Attended TFDM tactical meeting with Matt Baugh (TFDM Article 48 Representative) · B - Weekly Telcon with Kris Burnham (Deputy VP of PMO) · Attended a telcon for October PBN panel · Attended SBS/TAMR telcon · Setup meeting with Matt Tucker (NATCA WX) and Andy Marosvari (AJV 8 Rep) REMOTE TOWERS: The Article 48 Representative for Remote Towers is Kieron Heflin (IAD). Last week Mr. Heflin attended a conference in London with a panel on Remote Towers. Mr. Heflin will provide a report on his trip. The Data Collection activity this week had John Buonadonna (CVG) and Tyler Settle (SFB). · The weather at Leesburg, VA (JYO) was good this week but traffic did not reach the density hoped for. · The Remote Tower Data Collection has been very consistent among the controllers who have participated so far in the seven weeks of Data Collection. o Meeting held to discuss the information collected o Industry, FAA and NATCA are pleased with results so far o SAAB has taken the input and are considering upgrades to the present system o The group agreed to add a session at the end to replace the session canceled over the change in fiscal years · Next week will be the first week of participants attending for the second time. Dan Carric o (ORD) and Tyler Wilke (MCI) are participating.

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