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National Office Week in Review: Sept. 30, 2015

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RNAV and PERFORMANCE BASED NAVIGATION (PBN): Dennis Kelly (PHL) leads NATCA's work on RNAV and PBN criteria as the Article 48 Representative for this work. Mr. Kelly's report for this week is next. · Collaboration definition – In one of Mr. Kelly's last meetings he saw a copy of an agreement between NATCA and the FAA that defines what collaboration means. · Diverse Vector Areas on SIDs (DVA's) – These have become a hot topic lately, as there h ave been some modifications to expand their coverage area. o Previously a 45 - degree limit on how far off the reciprocal course an aircraft could be placed before being directed to pr oceed to the initial fix (IF). New criteria allows a 90 - degree intercept w ith either a normal ra dar vector SID or an Open SID. o A controller could do this if desired but evidence shows that they are not likely to use vectors this extreme to join a route. The other criteria, which was lifted concerns satellite airports outside t h e Pilot Navigation Area (PNA). Satellite airports outside the PNA previously had to have a letter from the Air Traffic Manager. Th at is no longer a requirement. o The two requirements, 45 - degree intercept limit and satellite airport l etter on file are bot h lifted. This is a huge benefit for PBN development. · JPCD – This climb via video is in it's final stages of development and will be presented to the FAA for a look see on its progress. If all goes well, it will be in the field soon. · NSPP - Metroplex Procedures: o ATL cancels 16 RNAV SID publications for 7/21/2016. o NoTex, 2 RNAVSIDs at DAL proposed to be cancelled for 2/4/2016 publication cycle. o DC adds FICO priority request for 8 RNAV SIDs/STARs at BWI, ADW and ROA for 12/10/2015 pub lic ation cycle. o SoCal may extend public comment period an extra 30 days, which could cause delays. · SIDs/STARs/RNP: SAT adds 1 GPS, 4 RNPs, 4 RNAV SIDs and 1 RNAV STAR for 6/2017 - publication cycle for MAGVAR. · OPEN SID concept – Criteria has bee n published by AFS - 400 that supports OPEN SIDS in collaboration with the Performance - based Operations Aviatio n Rulemaking Committee (PARC). o The criteria contained in this memo will be published in the 8260.58. The memo can be confusing because it speaks about two different type s of SIDs, not just Open SIDs. o It encompasses the normal radar vector SID procedures a s well as the Open SID design. It starts off with normal radar vector SID criteria (paragraphs a - f) then goes on to say (paragraphs g - m) that a SID can be built that has a manual termination point (VM or FM). o After the manual termination, aircraft can be vectored to the Initial fix (IF) of the next part of the procedure. It ' s an RNAV SID off the ground with an " opening " then the SID resumes at t he IF, h ence the reference as Open SID. AFS has concerns about moving too quickly on this design concept that has memo approval and there will b e

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