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National Office Week in Review: Sept. 30, 2015

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controller workforce can observe Fusion at their leisure. In the near future we will be contacting them about refresher training that includes ADS - B only and a Fusion Operational date. · Tom Zarick (ZDV), National Interval Management Rep o IM Roundtable meeting was held in DC on Monday to discuss several issues related to Interval Manageme nt that needed to be addressed. Topics included Path Stretch, DataComm validation work, as well as SC - 186 scheduling. o Monthly NATCA SBS Article 48 meeting w as held on Thursday. Discussed GIM - S Rollout, a daptation roles, and IM activities. TEMPORARY OPERATIONAL CONTINGENCY OFFICE (TOCO): Tammy Norman (ZTL) is the TOCO Article 48 Representative. This is a one - year detail at the Eastern Service Center to wor k on this project. Ms. Norman's report for this w eek is below. · Tech Center Meetings: The TOCO hosted meetings at the Tech Center for the eastern contingency teams September 22 - 24: ZAU, ZOB, ZBW, ZID, ZME, ZTL, ZDC, ZMA, ZJX, ZHU, ZNY, and ZSU. o This was the first round of meetings to develop O CPs with divesti ng airspace in ATC Zero events. The meetings kicked off with a VTC welcome from Deputy COO Randy Parks a nd Jeff McCoy, DVP of Tech Ops. This was followed by a briefing from ZAU describing their ATC Zero event fr om an ops and tech perspectiv e. TOCO manager, Tony Jenkins, gave an update on the 1 900.47E within the SMS process. He briefed on the expectat ions of the meetings to follow. Command Center reps gave a briefing on their role as the primary support facility in ATC Zero events. o The OCP teams from each facility were grouped in rooms with each facility taking a turn being the "affected" facility, and their surrounding facilities gave information about what they could acquire in the di vestiture of affected airspace. These decisions are base d on positions available, radar coverage, frequency coverage, automation issues and the a bility to relocate frequencies. These agreements are based on what each facility has today, and they will have their tech ops write requirement requests for equipment to improve their support. o Tech Center ops support and the TOCO were very pleased with the success of the meetings, and all facilities signed agreements. · The next round of meetings is scheduled for October 20 - 21 for the western facilities. TOCO wi ll revisit lessons learned from this week to improve our next round of meetings. TERMINAL AUTOMATION MODERNIZATION REPLACEMENT (TAMR): Mitch Herrick (MIA) is the leader of NATCA's TAMR efforts as the Article 48 Representative. Mr. Herrick is also the lea d for the Secti on 804 Working Group for NATCA. Below are the reports of Mr. Herrick and other leaders on the TAMR program: · Congratulations to both Evansville, IN and Minneapolis for becoming the most recent STARS facilities. · This week Mr . Herrick traveled along with Don Chapman (PHL) to Charleston, SC, Myrtle Beach, SC, and Savannah , GA on Section 804 duties. The 804

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