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National Office Week in Review: Sept. 30, 2015

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· Participated in a telcon hos ted by Sabrina Saunders - Hodge (ANG - C2) to discuss the expansion of the military's use of Ground Based Sense an d Avoid (GBSAA) radar for UAS. · Spoke with Parimal Kopardekar, PhD. (NASA, UTM Project Lead) to get an update on the progress of NASA's U AS Traffic Management (UTM) project. · Spoke with Margaret Jenny (RTCA) to get an update on RTCA's roll in the NASA UTM project. · Worked with Steve Hansen (NATCA Safety Rep), Danny Watson (NATCA ZAB UAS SME) and Dale Wright (NATCA Director of Safety and Technology) on NATCA's dissenting opinion for the Pathfinder 3 - Beyond Visual Line of Site (BVLOS) SMS panel results. · Spoke with Randy Willis (AJV115 Manager) for their weekly catch - up meeting. WEATHER: Matt Tucker (ZTL) is the Article 48 Representative for Weather. Mr. Tucker's report for the membership is below. · Operational part of the week. · WARP ECP 1 o Had discussions with program office about controller training for the new mosaics and reviewed final SRM document pr ior to it going for signatures. o Talked with AJV about testing of the new mosaics and what the criteria is for deployment. · AWOS - C and SWS o Reviewed the deployment schedule and am waiting for the test di splays to arrive at the product support facility and will then evaluate the display for suitability for deployment. · ICAO MET - P o Participated in a webex to discuss regional weather warning centers and SIGMETS. Most of the discussion was around ar eas that are underserved meteorology wise and how to help bring them into the same basic level of service as the rest of the world .

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