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National Office Week in Review: Sept. 30, 2015

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ARCHIE LEAGUE MEDAL OF SAFETY AWARDS PROGRAM: There are just over three m ore months left to nominate your fellow brothers and sisters for an Archi e League Medal of Safety Award. All events since Jan. 1, 2015 , are eligible. Our 12 th annual program will honor the best flight assists of calendar year 2015 from each region. To nomi nate, use our new online form. Winners will be honored at Bally's in Las Vegas on March 23, 2016 , to close NATCA's annual Communicating for Safety conference in grand style. The form allows you to type in information and also attach the video and audio files that we need to complete the nomination. Please act as soon as you can to nominate after an event so that the audio and video files can be obtained before they are no longer available. You can also email nominations or send them by traditional mail to the National Office. For these and all other questions and information, please contact Archie League Awards Coordinator Sarah Zilonis at . Remember – ANY member can nominate another member for this award . It does not have to be your FacRep. Good news ! We've already got more than two - dozen nominations so THANK YOU to those who have already submitted nominations. We would love to double or triple this total and we know that is possible due to the great work done by our membership this year in critical situations. NEW VIDEO – now available, the debut of our new video promoting this year's Archie League Awards! COMMUNICATING FOR SAFETY (CFS) – REGISTRATION IS OPEN ! Don ' t miss the chance to attend CFS, the aviation industry ' s leading conference, focusing on safety, technology and building relationships. CFS will be held March 21 - 23, 2016 , at Bally's in Las Vegas. Visit to secure your spot! On social media, use # NATCACFS . Follow CFS on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram News and Notes From Our Public Affairs Shop Wall St. Journal: Veteran airlines reporter Susan Carey, of the Wall Street Journal, is working on a story about ATC modernization and NextGen. NATCA is working collaboratively with FAA Public Affairs in conducting interviews for Carey's story. Our FacRep s at D10 (Scott Montroy) and ZFW (Nick Daniels) met with Susan recently , when she was able to sit with them on position and observe the operation at both facilities. Both reps will have an opportunity for further interviews to discuss an array of issues, i ncluding the staffing shortages that have a direct impact on our ability to effectively train and implement NextGen technologies, equipment, and procedures. TAMR – Harrisburg: We are working collaboratively with FAA Public Affairs on a media campaign to hig hlight the effective implementation of STARS equipment in the successful TAMR program (Terminal Automation Modernization and Replacement). First stop – Harrisburg, Pa. We have scheduled a media ev ent for the facility on Oct. 6. Atlanta : The BBC is requesti ng FAA participation in the channel's new, landmark documentary series called 'City in the Sky', a celebration of the aviation industry, its incredible growth and remarkable future. Each of the three shows will tell half a dozen separate stories from aroun d the world, each a superlative, and each offering a remarkable insight into the processes and people that keep the 'City in the Sky.' The BBC team producing this wants to feature ATL prominently . We are working with FAA Public Affairs and our ATL FacRep B rian Kellman and A80 FacRep Mike Ryan will represent NATCA in the project.

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