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National Office Week in Review: Sept. 30, 2015

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Senior Communications and Public Affairs Associate Sarah McCann : ; 202 - 220 - 9813 Multimedia Specialist Jordan Thielker : ; 202 - 266 - 9875 Communications Specialist Sarah Zilonis : ; 202 - 266 - 9844 . WEEKLY MESSAGE FROM ATO COO TERI L. BRISTOL ATO COO Weekly Message: Closing the Performance Management Loop Hi everyone. As we approach the end of the fiscal year, I'd like to talk about p erformance management. It's an important component to building the FAA's Workforce of the Future . It should be a consistent, dynamic conversation where timely feedback is provided throughout the year. Of cour se, end of year close outs are an important part of this process. In FY14, 95% of ATO employees received a close out. In addition, 94.7% had credible measures in their FY15 performance plans. These numbers show that the vast majority of our employees are g etting a close out, and getting clear direction from managers about how their performance is being measured. But it still leaves out around 1,500 ATO employees. Let's improve these numbers. For the FY15 close outs, let's make sure we're doing a few key thi ngs. Managers should note all of the ways, big and small, where your employees are adding value. Be sure your employee knows how their work contributes to one or more of the FAA's strategic initiatives . Offer guidance and coaching, including referring them to professional development opportunities that may apply like the Career Planning and Succession Planning programs, and the Technical Operations and Air Traffic Leadership Development programs. Final ly, and just as importantly, we have to offer constructive feedback so that our employees can make improvements. For some, this is challenging. But it's important if we're going to raise the performance level in the ATO. Managers should conduct thoughtful performance write - ups for their employees. For their part, employees should think through their own performance, complete candid self - assessments, and complete Individual Development Plans. For a list of performance closeout items to be accomplished and th eir deadlines, refer to the page we posted this week. For managers using Valuing Performance (VP), you can find guidance and tools here . If you're using the Performance Management System (PMS), there is guidance and tools here , which include s links for VP as well. Everyone has a role and responsibility in successful performance management. By continually sharpening our performance management process, and our performance culture, we'll remain the best in the world at what we do. Teri L. Brist ol ATO Chief Operating Officer MEMBERSHIP AND MARKETING DEPARTMENT WHAT'S NEW AT NATCA STORE: Long Sleeve Windshirt

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