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National Office Week in Review: Oct. 28, 2015

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NATCA NATIONAL OFFICE DEPARTMENTAL WEEK IN REVIEW October 17 - 23 , 2015 IN THIS ISSUE (Click on each topic and sub - topic to be taken directly to those sections): LABOR RELATIONS NATCA Executes MOU on HRPM EMS 11 .4 and the Human Resources Operating Instructions (HROI) Procedures Regarding Accounting for FAA Employees in Emergencies FLRA Will Count 18 Challenged Outcome Determinative Ballots In AFN Representation Case NATCA Files National Grievance Over The Contracting Out Of AIT Helpdesk And Deskside Services Briefing Requests Surveys GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS Congressiona l Schedule Budget Deal Is Close House Set To Elect New Speaker NATCA Continues To Call On Congress To Examine Staffing Crisis Appropriations Sequestration Background FAA Long - Term Reauthorization Upcoming Hearing On Drones COLA Bill Introduced COMMUNICATIONS Staffing Staying Up To Date With Information About The Funding And FAA Reauthorization Issues News and Notes from the Public Affairs Shop 2016 NATCA Wall Calen dar Update Archie League Medal of Safety Awards Communicating For Safety (CFS) – Registration Is Open Convention 2016 – San Diego New IFATCA Quart erly Magazine Now Available Get Breaking News Directly From Us We're Here To Keep You Informed The Communications Department – We're Here To Help W EEKLY MESSAGE FROM FAA ATO COO TERI BRISTOL Safety Stand Down MEMBERSHIP AND MARKETING NATCA Store Item For The Week: Retractable Badge Holder 2016 Pock et Calendars Benefit Spotlight: The Princeton Review

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