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National Office Week in Review: August 17, 2016

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and can be found on the main home page after you've signed in to the member side. There's also a menu item for it no matter where you're at on the site after signing in. The goal of Member Center: To house all relevant forms, labor relations resources, and other information for all reps to assist them. This is where you will also find our FacReps can bookmark this page , or simply find it easily on the home page of the members side when you need it. NCEPT : We have created a page devoted to the National Collaborative Placement Team (NCEPT), and it is located here at this link . The page includes the latest report on recent selections as well as the selection list, the ERR National Release Policy MOU and frequently asked questions. The most current Priority Placement Tool is also on this page. If you see something that should be added to the Member Center, please let us know by sending an email to WEBSITE@LIST.NATCA.NET . REGIONAL PAGES ON THE MEMBERS SIDE: We have a page for eac h region on the members side of, accessible after you log - in to the members side. Direct link here: But you can also access these pages directly using the same URL as before when we had separate regional websites; for example - will allow y o u to reach the Alaskan Region page , for Central, for Eastern, etc. We are using these pages to provide information as well as news, member features, RVP updates, facility profiles, e tc. If there ' s information you ' d like us to consider adding to get the word out t o reps and others, please let us know. Email Director of Communications Doug Church at . THE NATCA BBS – JOIN A DISCUSSION OR START A DISCUSSION : The Information Technology Committee has launched the new NATCA BBS (Bulletin Board System). We invite all members to participate. It ' s located at . As part of our continuing efforts to expand and improve our communications offerings to you, giving you a greater ability to stay informed and also make your voice heard with an audience of only your fellow members, we have moved the old BBS to the new website and given it a much - needed renovation. Your login credentials to access the new BBS are the same ones you ' re currently using to access the members side of the new site: username and password is the same one you use to access the NATCA Portal. First - time users of the Portal and members side of the website should go to for a quick and easy registration and sign - in. You can use either or to access the new BBS. The BBS is also a menu item on the m embers side of the website under the "RESOURCES" section. A link can also be found on the "Quick Links" section of the home page of the members side. THE 2016 RATIFIED AND IMPLEMENTED CBA : For all information about the newly - ratified ATC/TMC/FSS/NOTAM CBA. Please go to: ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE WEBSITE? GOT AN IDEA FOR HOW WE CAN IMPROVE THE SITE? Please email the Website Workgroup at WEBSITE@LI ST.NATCA.NET . WHY IS THE NATCA PORTAL SO IMPORTANT? The NATCA Portal is not only important for purposes of gaining access to the members side of the website. It is also where you can change your address if you have moved, and also your phone numbers. We need to ensure we have your accurate address on file. If you didn ' t receive the ATC/NOTAM/FSS/TMC tentative CBA and election information last month in your home mailbox, or the convention resolution materials, that means we likely don't have your

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