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National Office Week in Review: November 9, 2016

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NATCA NATIONAL OFFICE DEPARTMENTAL WEEK IN REVIEW Octo ber 29 - November 4 , 2016 LABOR RELATIONS DEPARTMENT FAA BRIEFING ON ALO REORGANIZATION On Nov . 2, 2016, the Agency briefed NATCA about an upcoming reorganization within the Office of Regions and Prope rty Operations (ARO). The FAA intends to reorganize the Aviation Logistics Organization (ALO) by creating a new division called ALO - 1000 "Facilities Sustainment and Support Systems Division," which will continue providing support for services already in th e current ALO - 100. The current ALO - 100 will be renamed from "Building Operations, Maintenance and Safety Division" to "Building Operations and Maintenance Division," and will continue to focus on headquarters building maintenance and customer services, a mong other things. Under the proposed reorganization, BUE duties and responsibilities in ALO - 1000 will be the same and their BUS codes will remain the same. The primary change is that BUEs in ALO - 1000 will report to a new manager. The change is scheduled for Nov . 27, 2016. POCs: National ARC Representative Ken Slauson and Labor Relations Attorney Suzanne DeFelice . SOUTHWEST REGIONAL OFFICE MANAGED PRINT SERVICES (MPS) MOU On Nov . 1, 2016, NATCA and the Agency reached a memorandum of understanding ( MOU) concerning a pilot program for the Southwest Regional Office for M anaged Print Services ( MPS). The MOU provides that the Southwest Regional Office will serve as a test site for the imp lementation of the MPS policy. The MPS policy increases the utilizatio n of network printers while generally seeking to eliminate all personal desktop printers. The MOU provides bargaining unit employees (BUEs) with a waiver process to retain their personal desktop printers. The Parties intend to negotiate a national MOU when the Agency seeks to establish the MPS program n ationwide in the near future. POCs: NRX RVP Mike MacDonald, SW Aircraft Certification Service Representative Patrick Massie, and Labor Relations Representative Melinda Kim . BRIEFING REQUESTS On Nov . 7, 201 6, NATCA requested a briefing on Operational Scenarios . We are currently waiting for a response from the Agency regarding our request. POCs: Assistant Director of Labor Relations Erina Hammond and Administrative Assistant Peggy Patrick - Jones .

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