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National Office Week in Review: February 15, 2017

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NATCA NATIONAL OFFICE DEPARTMENTAL WEEK IN REVIEW February 4 - 10 , 2017 LABOR RELATIONS DEPARTMENT FAA ORDER GC 1100.170 On Feb . 13, 2017, NATCA received a briefing from the Agency about FAA Order GC 1100.170, which bec ame effective Jan. 3, 2017. The purp ose of the Order is to clarify the roles and responsibilities within the Office of the Chief Counsel (AGC) of the Principal Deputy Chief Counsel (AGC - 2); Deputy Chief Counsel for Business Operations (AGC - 3); Deputy Chief Counsel for Employment Law, Litigat ion and Administration (AGC - 4); Director and Chief Administrative Judge of the Office of Adjudication (AGC - 70); and Direct or of Administration (AGC - 10). The Order addresses the scope and authority of these individuals and the line of succession within AGC in the absence of a politically appointed Chief Counsel (AGC - 1). The Agency explained during the briefing that the Order h as no impact on line employees. It does not change the reporting structure or job duties of any line employee. POCs: Region X RVP Mi ke MacDonald and Labor Relations Attorney Grant Mulkey . BRIEFING REQUESTS On Feb . 15, 2017, NATCA requested a briefing on the Human Factors Research Division Color Blind Study . We are currently waiting for a response from the Agency regarding our request. POCs: Labor Relations Attorney Grant Mulkey and Labor Rela tions Coordinator Kendal Manson.

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