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National Office Week in Review: August 8, 2017

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You can see this approach in action through our Plan, Execut e, Review, Train and Improve (PERTI) strategy for operational forecasting. PERTI is a cyclical process that uses data derived from years of NAS performance metrics to provide more predictability, reliability , and repeatability in managing the National Air space System (NAS) performance, thereby supporting better decision - making. Since this program came online last August, we're seeing noticeable benefits to how we work with our commercial carrier customers to minimize the impact to operations during severe weather and other adverse conditions. It takes more work to be proactive, but it saves time, money and labor hours when we are able make decisions before external forces force our hand. Every day around 5:00 pm ET, the team in Systems Operations publishes a PERTI plan with a two - day look ahead summarizing any potential impacts to the NAS and the planned traffic management initiatives we're going to employ. We share this information with organizations that represent our customers that are co - located with th e ATO at the Command Center. In turn, these organizations are able to make more informed business decisions about everything from where to send flight crews to how much fuel they'll need to support their operation. Along with publishing the PERTI plan, w e hold a daily planning telcon for stakeholders and facilities to clarify questions and provide feedback. And following execution of the PERTI plan, we review our performance to determine what could have been done differently. As we start PERTI's second ye ar of implementation, we look forward to focusing next on the training and improvement aspect of the initiative. PERTI is great example of how the ATO cultivates and shares information across the operation and with our partners in industry to meet its mi ssion of ensuring the safest and most efficient aerospace system in the world. Like all aspects of our work, this important initiative could not be accomplished without your hard work and dedication. Thanks everyone! Teri L. Bristol ATO Chief Operati ng Officer

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