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National Office Week in Review: August 8, 2017

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If ATC moves out of FAA, what's the risk that greedy corporations will not honor agreements regarding con trollers' benefits and pay? Does reforming air traffic control require taking it out of the FAA? How will reform that moves ATC out of FAA affect the benefits of current employees? Why Isn't NATCA letting its members vote on the union's decision to support proposed air traffic control reform legislation? Will reform that moves ATC out of FAA give the airlines too much power over air traffic control? More Questions and Answers Click here to read answers to many of the membership's most commonly - asked questions related to the House FAA reauthorization bill – the 21 st Century Aviation Innovation, Reform, and Reauthorization (AIRR) Act. Got A Questi on? Email them to . Updates on ATC Reform, FAA Bills Please click here for our members only web page that has each mes sage that has been sent to the NATCA membership on important topics such as FAA reauthorization, ATC funding and proposed reform. Archive Of Both Present And Past FAA Reauthorization News, Statements, And Positions: Please click here. Debunking Myths About ATC Reform Click here to see our web page on devoted to debunking many myths circulating in the debate on how best to reform the FAA and stabilize our funding stream. AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER STAFFING CRISIS We have continued to work to update the public and Congressional offices about the extent of the ATC staffing crisis. While the FAA's hiring bid last month for entry - level positions drew thousands of applicants, it's just one step. It will take years of sustained hiring and successful training to fully end the crisis. NATCA also urges Congress to pass FAA reform that will provide a stable, predicta ble funding stream. Read the full press release New – Updated national staffing numbers, 2011 - 2017 . JOIN THE DISCUSSION AND RECEIVE NEWS/UPDATES - OUR MAIN SOCIAL MEDIA FEEDS: Facebook: Twitter : Follow us on Twitter . Instagram : YouTube : LinkedIn: - beta/92749/ Flickr Photo Album:

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