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National Office Update: Sept. 29, 2019

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the conversion of eleven (11) additional sites by Sept. 30. The Agency does not currently have a plan to convert additional sites, but it will provide notice to NATCA if/when it determines to convert additional sites. The conversion from ASTI to FTI is intended to save costs, update outmoded technology, simplify future technology updates, and reduce workloads for engineering, logistics, and training associated with ASTI. POCs: Region X RVP Curt Howe, Principal E&A Representative Don Smith, Voice Comm Representative John Shedden, and Labor Relations Attorney Grant Mulkey. NATCA WELCOMES TWO NEW FCT PROGRAM FACILITIES NATCA welcomes the two latest Federal Contract Tower (FCT) Program facilities to join NATCA. On Sept. 3, the air traffic control specialists at Beverly Airport air traffic control tower (BVY) in Beverly, Mass., voted in a NLRB election to join NATCA. On Sept. 5, the air traffic control specialists at Niagara Falls International Airport ATCT (IAG) also voted to join NATCA. Both facilities are operated by Midwest Air Traffic Control Services, Inc. All votes cast in the elections at both facilities were for NATCA representation. POCs: National Organizing Committee Chair John Bratcher, Acting Director of Labor Relations Nicole Vitale, and Labor Relations Staff Representative Chris Gant. FAA BRIEFING ON HROI ATCS TESTING PROCESSES FOR FILLING POSITIONS On June 7, the Agency sent notice of its intention to revise the Human Resource Operating Instruction (HROI) "Air Traffic Control Specialist Testing Processes for Filling Positions." NATCA requested a briefing, which was held on July 23. The changes will include the addition of band descriptors under Paragraph 8, and new language in Paragraph 10 to address the communication of Air Traffic Control Specialist Skills Assessment Battery band placement to certain applicants. Specifically, Paragraph 8 now contains examples of band names: Best Qualified, Well Qualified, Qualified, and Not Qualified. Under Paragraph 10, new language will permit the FAA to share ATSA band placement with applicants who are either "Not Referred" or "Not Selected due to their ATSA score." NATCA asked for clarification about whether applicants would receive their scores if they were Not Referred or Not Selected, and the FAA responded under both circumstances that the applicants would receive their score. NATCA also asked about a situation in which an applicant is Best Qualified but does not win the lottery and thus is not selected for a reason other than the ATSA score. Candidates not selected for reasons other than their score will not be notified. NATCA is not submitting proposals on this issue. POCs: Chief of Staff Dean Iacopelli, Special Counsel to the President Eugene Freedman, former National Training Representative Tom Adcock, Acting Director of Labor Relations Nicole Vitale, and Labor Relations Attorney Suzanne DeFelice.

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