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National Office Update: Oct. 28-Nov. 17, 2019

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PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS (PS) Lydia Baune (GEG), Josh Cooper (SCT), and Chris Keyes (ZDC) are members of the National Professional Standards committee. Their report is below: This November is a bittersweet milestone for NATCA's PS program. Garth Koleszar will be retiring at the end of November. He is the last of the original team, that created NATCA's program, to retire. He has inspired and trained over 550 current PS members as well as many others. His advocacy for professionalism has been instrumental in the steering of our profession toward a position of credibility and influence. The future success of NATCA's PS program will surely be thanks to the strong foundation built by Mr. Koleszar and the teams he has led. Our Union is deeply grateful for his incredible work to shape our profession. Congratulations Mr. Koleszar! Enjoy your well-deserved retirement! NATCA's PS program has processed nearly 3,200 cases since the program began in 2010. The program helps to maintain, promote, and inspire professionalism throughout the NAS. The purpose of the PS program is to provide an opportunity for bargaining unit employees to address performance and/or conduct of their peers before such issues rise to a level requiring corrective action(s) by the Agency. The program uses peer-to-peer mediation, conflict resolution, and mentoring to achieve these goals. The program also provides an opportunity to recognize exceptional performance. The NATCA National PS team trains approximately 100-125 members each year. ZMA recently hosted a training class Nov. 19-21. The next class, to be hosted at SCT, is scheduled for Jan. 14-16. We have approximately 550 PS members nationally serving each local facility across the country and 26 Professional Standards District Chairs (PSDCs) that serve as a resource for FacReps and PS members. If your facility is without a local PS member, or you do not feel comfortable bringing your issue to the local PS member, please contact your PSDC or the National team. Please reach out to us at with any questions about the program. The National Professional Standards team has also been tasked by NATCA leadership to collaboratively create the Respect initiative. Respect is a long-term initiative designed to help us better understand workplace conflict and create an environment of mutual dignity, support, and respect. The first phase of this initiative will be delivered to facilities through a collaboratively- selected local facility Respect team. These teams have an incredible opportunity to make a meaningful long-term change in the culture of their workplace. Implementation of the Respect initiative has begun at facilities in the NSO, NAL, NNM, NWP, NCE, NGL, and NSW regions. The NEA and NNE regions as well as FSS are nearly complete with the creation of their facility Respect teams, and many of their facilities have begun implementation. For more information about the Respect initiative, visit the Respect webpage by clicking here. You can also send an email to with any specific questions you may have about the initiative.

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