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PBN/Metroplex Design and Implementation by Lead Article 114 Rep Ed Hulsey - Metroplex: All ongoing Metroplex projects are currently working to meet project milestones with a funding termination (sunset) date of Sept. 30, 2021. To date, the OAPM (Metroplex) MOU and current collaborative co-lead structure has remained unchanged. The Metroplex co-leads met in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 7-9, to share project updates and receive pertinent briefings from various initiatives and FAA LOBs relevant to the program. South-Central Florida Metroplex: The team is still currently working on massive community engagement efforts in South/Central Florida as they enter the evaluation phase of the project and present lessons learned attained from the November 2018 implementation of the Q/Y routes in Florida. The team is also working on the draft Environmental Assessment (EA) and hope to have it completed by May 2020. The eventual EA Finding Of No Significant Impact/ Record Of Decision (FONSI/ROD) document should be completed by late August 2020. The Metroplex Implementation Support Team (MIST) is currently working with ZJX and ZMA on Metroplex adaptation requirements. Denver Metroplex: The Denver team is working with AJT and the PMO to integrate TBO initiatives including TBFM with Adjacent Center Metering (ACM), Extended Metering (XM), and other spacing tools. The ACM/XM implementation was scheduled for Jan. 28. The team is hopeful these spacing tools will provide the managed feed from ZDV to D01 necessary for the new Metroplex PBN procedures. We are also working with AJT on methods for communicating and coordinating ZDV assigned runway transitions to D01. ZDV, D01, and the Denver Metroplex's desire is to accomplish the coordination via automation. The final EA FONSI/ROD should be delivered soon with the signed EA shortly thereafter. Denver Metroplex has a planned implementation date of March 26, 2020. Las Vegas Metroplex: The team is moving forward with work on community involvement activities. Contract training support is in place to support L30 with training plans. We are currently awaiting the final EA document which will hopefully be signed in late February so the facility can begin workforce training. The team is hopeful that the final EA FONSI/ROD will be completed by mid-March 2020 and signed shortly thereafter. The Agency has also expressed interest in standing up a workgroup to review, assess, and validate current IFP processes. The PBN Program Office continues to work with the VOR MON Program Office to integrate and coordinate PBN activities with the VOR MON waterfall schedule through 2025. RNAV and PERFORMANCE BASED NAVIGATION (PBN) Bennie Hutto (PCT) is the Article 114 Rep for RNAV and PBN criteria work Western PBN Update by Josh Haviland, Western PBN Rep General Projects - The majority of WSC PBN projects (some 50+-instrument flight procedures) remain on hold with AJV-S, but the three that have been approved to

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