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National Office Week in Review: Sept. 30, 2015

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meetings were consolidate d, it seems to be unorganized. Who ' s running this meet ing? Phase 1 reported F11 controllers are not happy with MDM(3) monitors and a call to action. TLSE/PASS to look into it. · Tuesday 9/22 and We dnesday 9/23 : Start of 3 week S6R4 (Merge software) risk mitigation. Phase 1 Lead was contacted by F11 NATCA TAMR Rep Teah Lord, A90 FacRep Curt Fisher, and NATCA Terminal Automation Rep Mitch Herrick abou t MDM roll - out in crisis mode. o The MDMs appeared to be gray and washed out and many controllers felt they could not use them for air traf fic services. Controllers were ready to call the Hotline with safety concerns , and ATSAPs were being filed. o MDM Settings that were successful at other sites we re not working at A90 and F11. After a talk to the national PASS rep. Phil Nicholson, it was revealed, both sites had not been installed with the enhanced " Juiced " RGB (Red, Green, Blue) values that we have found neces sary for MDMs in Dark TRACONs. o This inform ation was passed along to the TLSE MDM manager Chris Casey and TSLE MDM Lead Jeff Grace, who immedia tely looked into the settings. Jeff Grace was on - site at M98 for STARS installation, ran a test on " Juiced vs non - Juiced " RGBs and found that the "non - Juice d " settings mirrored the complaints at F11 and A90. o This information was given back to the NATCA Phase 1 Rep, then to Phil Nicholson, who gave the guidance to F11/A90, and the problem was solved. Both sites continued to operate and continue to install MD Ms with controller acceptance. · New Trackball prototype was introduced to the AT SMEs during risk mitigation testing. NATCA ' s John Kerr (MIA) and Chris Hilbert (PHL) were the first to test run the new equipment. o The new trackball was fitted with a titanium ring, designed to keep out dust, which is believed to be the cause of wear and tear failures throughout the NAS. Early criticisms are, edges are a bit sharp and need to be rounded/softened, and too much play, up/down, left/rig ht, as you move the trackball. o Also, being able to push down on the new trackball was different behavior than the current trackball. · Thursday 9/24 : NATCA Pha se 1 Lead tests new trackball. Very responsive, but confirms yesterday's concerns. o The prototype testing is designed to move forward with development only. Key site testing will be requested at PCT and PHL. · Friday 9/25 : End week 1 of risk mitigation and so far no major concerns. TERMINAL FLIGHT DATA MANAGER (TFDM): Matt Baugh (IAH) is the Article 48 R epresentative on the TFDM program. Mr. Baugh's report to the membership for this week is below. · Monday - Traveled to D . C . · Tuesday – o Participated in the bi - weekly TFDM Tactical Meeting. o CLE AEFS Update Meeting and was given a compr ehensive briefing on TFDM by Mike Huffman, AJM - 224.

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