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National Office Week in Review: Dec. 9, 2015

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obstacles to include: Who has access, ongoing validation, issue handling, data change notification, ease of use features and display features. Other things bei ng considered are RNP AR usage, Routes airway usage and level off metrics. · PBN Strategy for the future - The latest here is that AFS is talking about DoD aircraft and that they recommend that they be excluded from any rulemaking associated with this strategy due to the many different types of operations they have and where they operate, which is mostly outside of the civil area. They also do not feel that they need to fit into this and will not pay to equip for the RNAV standards anyw ay. SWA's request to not use both TFs and RFs but just RFs was rejected. The FAA wants to match the procedures to the equipage, right tool for the job. · New TERPs criteria established will increase the number of airports that qualify for vertically guided approaches, therefore more of these throughout the NAS. PBN usage goals states that success requires that the procedures be used as intended. · Runway transitions on Clearances – This has become an issue in that there are some who are issuing clearances that are not correct or pilots not selecting the enroute transition in the FMS causing pilots to navigate not as planned by ATC. Specifically, you must issue the Enroute Transition including the word "transition" if there is one when assigning a SID verbally or th rough PDC. If you do not use the word transition, then the pilot may proceed direct ly to the last waypoint which the transition is named after and bypass part(s) of the procedure. If the pilot doesn't load the transition correctly, then the same thing can happen. PCT has come up with a refresher PowerPoint briefings on SIDs and their issuance for both ATC and industry, which is a good one if anyone would like to view it. · WEB Based Training - Air Traffic Training Programs; AJI - 2321 o Safety & Techni cal Training, PBN Group AJV - 142 an NATCA have been working on web based training for a PBN \ RNAV course and the Climb Via \ Descend Via cours e that will debut in Jan. 2016. Mr. Kelly had a chance to view the content and this should provide some additional inf ormation that will reinforce what is already out there now. · Provided presentations for DEN RNP graph and Fleet mix, IAP removal list, latest PBN Strategy, PCT SID PPTs and the latest VOR MON list. TRAFFIC FLOW MANAGEMENT (TFM): Cliff Keirce (DCC) is the NATCA Art icle 48 Representative for TFM. Mr. Keirce has provided the information below for his November activities. · The Traffic Flow Management Deployment Team (TFM DT) met November 17 - 19 at the FAA Tech Center. Activities during this mee ting included: o TFMS Release 12 Operationa l Testing scenario walkthrough. An additional R12 OT session will be held during the week of December 7 at the Tech Center. It will be done concurrently with an end - to - end testing session with ERAM to ensure tha t the ABRR/PDRR functions are operating properly o Met with three members of FAA Headquarters En Route Procedures members to review PDRR/ABRR procedures and gave th em a demonstration of the tool.

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