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National Office Week in Review: Dec. 9, 2015

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ART OF THE AIRPORT TOWER/NATIONAL AIR AND SPACE MUSEUM There is a new exhibition at the Smithsonian ' s National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.: Art of the Airport Tower. This exhibition takes you on a photographic journey to airports in the United States and around the globe. Smithsonian photographer Carolyn Russo explores the varied forms and functions of air traffic control towers throughout aviation history and interprets them as monumental abstractions, symbols of cultural expression, and testimonies of technological change. These 50 images bring a heightened awareness to the simple beauty of the airport tower and a call fo r their preservation in the airport landscape. As the e xclusive bargaining representative of air traffic controllers and other aviation safety professionals in the United States, NATCA is excited to be part of an exhibition that showcases some of the facil ities in which these highly skilled men and women keep the skies of the world safe. Along with the professionals represented by IFATCA - International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers ' Associations , and by the International Transport Workers ' Federation (ITF) Air Traffic Services Section , air traffic controllers in airport towers and radar facilities throughout the world guide approximately 100,000 commercial flights and tens of thousands of other types of aircraft each day, ensuring the safe transport of millions of passengers. Photographer Carolyn Russo captured the dynamic working environment within the towers featured in the exhibition as controllers inside worked as a team to keep planes moving through the sky. Read more about Russo ' s exhibitio n Purchase a copy of the companion book Recent media reviews of the book : New York Times The Weather Channel AFN RUNOFF ELECTION CAMPAIGN: The Federal Labor Relations Authority on Nov. 20 sent out runoff election ballots to each of the more than 1,200 eligib le voters in the new AFN (FAA Office of Finance and Management) bargaining unit who received ballots in the initial election last summer. They have until Jan. 13, 2016, to return the ballots and that next day, Jan. 14, 2016, NATCA will know if it has won t he right to add them to its list of represented aviation safety professionals. The Communications Department is part of a team at the National Office that is joining with national and Region X leadership, and the National Organizing Committee in undertakin g a campaign to reach out to these AFN employees and ask them to VOTE NATCA. The runoff against the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees is needed because NATCA, while earning more votes in the initial election by a wide margin, fel l just short of the 50 percent plus one total needed to win outright. NATCA last week continued its direct outreach to AFN employees to let them know about the dates of the election and begin to answer their questions. The Union will once again make a stro ng case for why it believes a vote for NATCA is a vote that will improve their careers and their professions. NATCA SOCIAL MEDIA : We're within sniffing distance of 11,000 followers on the NATCA Facebook page ! If you're not already part of the NATCA Family on Facebook ( ) we invite you to "like" the page . It's one of the best ways to stay in touch with news and information and also have some fun while enjoying the comments of your fellow brothers and sisters.

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