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National Office Week in Review: Dec. 9, 2015

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NATCA S tore Item of the Week: Lady Soft Shell Jacket Made of 100 percent bonded poly fleece. Has full zip for maximum temperature and venting control with two open side pockets. The zipper goes all the way up the collar to create a mock turtleneck for colder weather conditions with an open bottom hemline. Available sizes S - 3XL. Price: $66. Union m ade in USA. Click here to view the item and order at . Select USPS or UPS as your shipping preference on your orders. Reminder: Apparel items take 3 - 4 weeks to deliver from date of order. If you nee d items by a certain date, please contact NATCA Store Customer Service for arrangements. Expedite d shipping charges may apply. To check on stock availability or for further assistance, call 800.266.0895 or email . Reminder: The deadline to redeem your 2014 gift codes is December 31, 2015 . These were your rewards for signing up members during the NATCA Difference campaign. They cannot be combine d with other promotional codes. Shop earl y for the holidays! For guaranteed Christmas delivery, all orders must be placed no later than Dec. 11, 2015. 2016 Pocket Calendars Pocket calendars are available for purchase at $1.50 a piece. To place an order to order in bulk, please click here . Benefit Spotlight: AT&T Wireless Service Discount There are so many cell phone carriers these days. They all seem relatively competitive with similar levels of service and service reliability. How do you choose among so many choices? The choice can be easy if you are a member of NATCA because AT&T Wireless Services has discounted select wirel ess services for NATCA members. You might be asking, "Why switch ? " There are so many reasons to switch from your current wireless provider to AT&T. First, AT&T Wireless is offering NATCA members a 15 percent discount off of select wireless services. This offer is valid for both new and existing AT&T customers. Second, AT&T is the one and only nationwide uni onized wireless carrier with 45,000 members of the Communications Workers of America (CWA) working as technicians, customer service representatives, and retail store personnel. Third, AT&T remains neutral during organizing campaigns. Finally, CWA President Larry Cohen supports AT&T, saying, " For progressives who care about workers ' rights, AT&T is the clear choice for wireless service. " This holiday season, give yourself a 15 percent gift and switch to AT&T wireless Services. Click here to discover your savings and to find out how you can get up to $250 in rebates in addition to saving 15 percent on select wireless services. Cambridge Corner: When Will I Receive Social Security U nder FERS? Once you turn age 62, you are eligible for benefits to be paid by Social Security (SS) based on your lifetime wages — defined as 40 working years (for example, from age 22 to 62). SS will then drop the lowest five years from the benefit calculati on and use the highest 35 years of wages where SS was paid to determine your 100 percent full benefit. This is the benefit you are due at FRA (full retirement age). FRA was set at age 65 until 1983 when Congress passed a law gradually increasing the FRA. A person turning 62 between 2005 and 2016 is eligible at age 62 for a SS benefit that is 75 percent of their full benefit. The reduction for those born from 1955 to 1960 will now experience a benefit

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