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National Office Week in Review: February 1, 2017

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The series of Engineering shadow evaluations conduc ted CLT over the last seven to 8 months have been very beneficial for NASA's software engineers in helping them understand why we make the decisions we make to keep traffic flowing at the CLT airport. Today, the decisions we make are usually tactical in na ture as we recognize and respond to upcoming and near immediate events as the traffic picture evolves. With ATD - 2 equipment, and better information about aircraft readiness state, we should be able to see farther into the future and make decisions more str ategically. During the March HITL at NASA Ames, NATCA will be well represented and we will keep the needs of controllers and TMCs at the forefront of all the input we provide and any decisions we help make. AIR TRAFFIC REQUIREMENTS (AJV - 7) James Keith (D 10) is NATCA's Article 114 Representative to the AJV - 7 Office. His update for this report is below. The pace of meetings was slow leading into January but picked up toward months end. I have put a short list of things addressed in January. The terminal CHI team met for the first time January 10 - 12th. The team received briefings on several terminal related programs and concepts. Submitted a CAP to the ERC on aircraft types. A path to put OPC (offshore precipitation capability) has been identified. Howev er, the funding has not been. Advanced IM workgroup meet 1/23 - 25 to continue work on the concept of operations document. Terminal CHI team participated in two conference calls on 1/26 where MITRE did a storyboard exercise on terminal work package one conc epts. AJV - 7 is working with the PMO in developing E - IDS. AIMM sig 3 is progressing toward IARD. The issue of how information will be provided to ATC for training is still not resolved. WAKE TURBULENCE Kevin Connelly (SAT) is the Article 114 Representative to the Wake Turbulence Office for NATCA. His update for the week is below. After successful rollouts of both Phase 2.0 options (with or without Super Heavy Category) at SCT and PHL we had a meeting in December to prepare for 2017. The wate rfall is set for MSP, MIA, PCT, and LAS to go RECAT this year with Honolulu still working on technical issues with MicroEARTS that could be finished in the winter. We had the initial site briefing with M98/MSP on January 9th and have planned training end o f February with IOC the 2nd week of March. On February 8th we will have our initial site visit in MIA to make plans for training and IOC in April/May. In addition Wake Research Office has planned meetings in February at VOLPE in Cambridge working on Phase 2.5 and I will update that next month. This week I am in D.C. for Collaboration Training with Larry Beck from AJV82.

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