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National Office Week in Review: February 1, 2017

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We're taking steps to mitigate cyber risk by improving configuration management of our NAS software and hardware. This includes steps to ensure proper handling of system passwords, turning off any unused USB ports and ports on routers and servers, and creating awareness around thumb drive use so that viruses a ren't unleashed into our systems. On Wednesday, March 15, we're going to hold a customer outreach event at FAA Headquarters for FAA employees and contractors to learn more about our cybersecurity efforts. We'll publish more information in the FAA Daily Bro adcast or you can get more information by sending an email to this address . This past June, the FAA also took part in Cyber Guard 16, an exercise co - led by the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI. We wo rked with more than 850 federal, state, industry, military and international organizations to test our national response to a destructive cyberattack. Among those participating were 13 different National Guard units from 11 states, the Department of Defens e, Department of Justice, internet service providers, power and electrical companies, and port authorities. Exercise scenarios were conducted to assess any potential cyber vulnerabilities to our national defense or critical infrastructure. Our Cyber Guar d 16 colleagues praised us for our security of the NAS. But we have to remain vigilant. The integrity and availability of the NAS is critical to our country's security and economy. Thanks everyone! Teri L. Bristol ATO Chief Operating Officer

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