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National Office Week in Review: Jan. 6, 2016

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LABOR RELATIONS DEPARTMENT NATCA SUBMITS POST - HEARING BRIEF IN SERCO MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT CASE On Dec . 21, 2015, NATCA submitted a post - hearing brief following an arbitration hearing that was held regarding a grievance filed protesting the recent failure of Serco Inc. to reimburse Bargaining Unit Employees for mileage costs incurred when driving to get physical examinations required annually to retain a se cond - class medical certificate. Second - class medical cer tificates are required to perform air traffic control duties in privately operated towers. Until March of 2015, Serco always reimbursed all employees for mileage associated with obtaining their sec ond - class medical examinations. In March of 2015, Serco sto pped reimbursing all employees that were represented by NATCA. The arbitrator now has thirty (30) days from the date of the brief submission to issu e a decision. NATCA POCs: Director of Labor Relations Ryan Smith, Senior Labor Relations Attorney Chris Gant , and Labor Relations Attorney Damien Maree . NATCA RECEIVES BRIEFING ON ACADEMY AIR TRAFFIC SNACK BAR AND VENDING MACHINE CHANGE - OVER On Dec. 21, 2015, NATCA notified the Agency that it had recently become aware of changes to the Air Traffic Snack Bar an d Vending Machines at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center (MMAC) in Oklahoma City, and requested a briefing on the matter for all impacted bar gaining unit employees (BUEs). On Tuesday, Dec . 29, 2015, NATCA received the briefing telephonically and learned that the Agency was working through a short delay/break - in - service while the snack bar (which is contracted through the Department of Rehabilitative Services) was undergoing a change in vendor. This vendor change caused a couple of weeks delay while the n ew vendor worked through state inspections and vending machine inventory change - ove r in the Air Traffic Building. The Agency told NATCA that the vending machines should already be restocked and that the new snack bar is scheduled for a "soft - opening" on th is Friday, Jan. 8, with a full opening on Monday, Jan . 11, 2016. In the interim, the Agency said that there are other food services available on campus at other buildings, which are a short walk away (either across the stre et or through the underground). N ATCA's POCs are monitoring this situation and are currently considering what level of impact this has had and will continue to have for our BUEs at the Academy. NATCA POCs: Central Region VP Kevin Peterson, Don Smith and Labor Relations Attorney Greg Shoem aker . Briefings On Dec . 30, 2015, NATCA requested a briefing on the AIR Organizational Change: System P erformance Division (AIR 300). We are currently in the proce ss of scheduling this briefing. NATCA POCs: Labor Relations Attorney Nicole Vitale, Labor Re lations Attorney Suzanne DeFelice and Labor Relations Coordinator Kendal Manson . On Dec . 30, 2015, NATCA requested a briefing on Traffic Flow Manage ment System (TFMS) Release 13. This briefing is currently scheduled for January 7, 2016.

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