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National Office Week in Review: Jan. 6, 2016

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aviatio n community about focus areas. · These focus areas will likely become agenda items for the RTCA NextGen Advisory Committee (NAC), on which NATCA President Paul Rinaldi sit s. o O n the RTCA NAC each segment of the aviation industry is represented including general aviation and the Department of Defense. o This large gathering of high level aviation leaders has the influence and experience necessary to provide clear feedback to the government on modernization priorities within the NAS. TEMPORARY OPERATIONAL CONTINGENCY OFFICE (TOCO): Tammy Norman (ZTL) is the TOCO Article 48 Representative. This is a one - year detail at the Eastern Service Center to work on this proje ct. Ms. Norman' s report for this month is below. · The TOCO's OCP Field Team consists of several members of the TOCO, a representative from the Command Center, and representatives for the Operational Support Group (OSG) from the three service area s. This team was t asked with providing recommendations for measuring facility OCP performance and compliance in accordance with the Administrator's efficiency targets. o Observations and Conclusions (Deliverable D060.1 Final Report): § Based on data provided by the OPSNET data base that collects the number and type of flights in a 24 hour period in a specific EnRoute airspace, the TOCO OPC Field Team calculated an 8 - week moving average for each ARTCC facility. § The calculation will be the measurement used for determining t he performance and compliance of facility OCPs against the Administrator's efficiency targets. § In the future, calculations will be performed on the number of flights that can be moved through each EnRoute facility's airspace using published CPSS routes I AW 1900.47D. · The FAA Order JO 1900.47E: o Includes the divestment of airspace, but does not include support in assisting facilities The TOCO created the OCP Field Team which will be available to assist facilities with the development of the new div estment plans, OCPs and the measurement and verification of OCP performance and compliance according to new requirements in 1900.47E, as well as the Administrator's efficiency targets. o Has exceeded another deadline for signatures; held up at the Command Center concerning requirements using the ACT - 2 database for housing the OCPs. o Will be published in January with a later effective date. o Members of the Integrated Project Team (IPT) from Policy and Review & Compliance suggested a 60 or 90 - day grace p eriod after the effective date to allow facilities to meet the requirements of the new order. · December 3 rd , the TOCO team met with the Command Center Manager, the ACT - 2 POCs, our Review and Compliance Co - Lead, and the DCC NATCA Rep Tony Smith. o Tw o TOCO members will assist with the Task Order, being worked by

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