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National Office Week in Review: Jan. 6, 2016

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MITRE, to get the estimate to rebuild the ACT - 2 database to meet requirements. o The TOCO will assist to standardize basic format of Divestment Plans within the OCPs requiring less interpreta tion of plans by the Command Center. o DCC briefed the TOCO members on the Hotwash Discussion: A meeting held at the Command Center with the users, hosted by Vice President of System Operations Dan Smiley concerning contingency, continuity, and resiliency . · A Black Box Tabletop Exercise requested by Sys Ops Security occurred on December 17 th in D.C. The TOCO manager Tony Jenkins and our technical specialist Randy Ficklen attended. Representatives from the Command Center, IOTA, Delta, United, Southwes t and Airlines for America were i n attendance for this exercise. The exercise was to manage outages in southern California after a 7.2 earthquake, losing several facilities at once. Most were plea sed with the results. The TOCO anticipates a report/l essons learned on the exercise. · Upcoming Efforts: o The TOCO will get an extension to continue contingency work and create the Contingency Operations Governance Plan for the permanent office. o 1900.47E Publication o Integration Meeting with Resiliency, Ne xtGen and 2nd Level Engineering o Evacuation Bags added to the 7210.3 – Pushed out until further defined and deciding who will maintain them. o Resiliency and Integration of the OCP Field Team o Air Traffic Services and Mission Support Services working tog ether to enhance or revisit OCPs as support infrastructure is modified. o Determine methodology for development and leveraging of Tower EnRoute Control (TEC) to enhance contingency posture. o Determine how to effectively and efficiently communicate a measu re of predictability for stakeholders. TERMINAL AUTOMATION MODERNIZATION REPLACEMENT (TAMR): Mitch Herrick (MIA) leads the NATCA effort on TAMR as the Article 48 Representati ve. Below are reports from Mr. Herrick and other TAMR Team leaders for the member ship. · Terminal Automation Modernization and Replacement (TAMR) and Section 804 Update. o December saw Greensboro (GSO) successfully transition to G4 Elite and work around a possible government shutdown in the process. November 2015 was the last mo nth between now and late 2018 that there won't be at least one STARS transition conducted somewhere in the NAS. Some months will have as many as 4 or 5. That is a huge proliferation of STARS deployment and one that we have been pre paring for for nearly 4 y ears. We have a great team in place and a lot of people working incred ibly hard to make this happen. We have nearly completed Segment one deployments and only T75, C90, PCT and N90 remain in the Common Arts Waterfall. The rest of the TAMR/STARS activity ov er the next several years will see us replace all of the ARTS IIE sites and tech refresh the Legacy STARS

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