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National Office Week in Review: Jan. 6, 2016

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of potential sites. In addition, PBN is also looking at ways to coordinate with the VOR MON program and continue to help improve the PBN Dashboard. o Submitted by Metroplex Study Team Lead Art. 48 Ed Hulsey · NATCA N ational Airspace Rep o I was on leave muc h of December for the holidays. We still have many unanswered questions surrounding community outreach but we continue to work with the agency to provide guidance for the various airspace teams. o Ed Hulsey has been made our POC for the PBN Dashboard. We will be providing written input to the agency with our current issues and recommended suggestion for the PBN Dashboard before the end of January. o The NAS NAV Strategy document is still being worked and the next sub mission will be at the RTCA NAC in February. o Submitted by Jim Davis (PCT) NATCA National Airspace Rep RNAV and PERFORMANCE BASED NAVIGATION (PBN): Dennis Kelly (PHL) is the NATCA Article 48 Representative for criteria wo rk on RNAV and PBN initiatives. Be low is Mr. Kelly's report for the membership. · Aeronautical Charting Forum (ACF) - There are a couple of relevant items of the 11 open items from this forum. One is the publishing of vertical descent angles on approach plates, which is being elimina ted, as it does not always provide protection to pilots during a visual phase for obstacles that penetrate the safe area along the approach. Some had been using the angle to the runway. The angle will still be in the database but not on the chart. A second ary way of handling this problem is by a new policy that AFS wants to institute, which is criteria/language that encourages vertical guidance to the maximum extent possible , adding that if the procedure cannot be developed with vertical guidance, it may no t be developed. The objective is to make VDA mandatory and possibly moving towards removing LP approaches. The FAA wants to provide vertical guidance wherever it can. This con cept will not happen overnight. Another topic of discussion was how to organize a ll the equipment requirements that are spread o ut in notes for PBN approaches. One box may make more sense to be able to see what is necessary in order to shoot an approach or certain portions of an approach. · ATL/A80 - There have been a total of 35 ZELAN SID D epartures since August 1, 2015. This is the only RNP SID in the country, very precise. Flight trials will continue until sufficient data is logged. AFS - 420 has been asked if the ZELAN SID can be amended to a public procedure with a waiver so a s to increase usage of the SID. The team members are awa iting response on this inquiry. The parties have agreed to delay publication of the ZELAN THREE SID until March 31, 2016, pending concurrence from AFS - 420. · Community Involvement Memo – AJV - 0 Miss ion Support Services has come with guidance to support and improve community involvement during projects that require creation or modification of IFPs, regardless of the level of NEPA review and public involveme nt required for those projects. This is about noise. The guiding principles include notification, contacts, transparency, collaboration, communication documentation, record keeping and legal activities. This will probably slow a lot of projects down.

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